The Walking Dead #113. Full Spoiler Review.

When The Walking Dead is discussed on this site it is fully discussed.  That means spoilers.  If you’re not caught up on the book, walk away.  Read some other things on here.  There are nearly 4000 other articles.  When you buy the graphic novels or single issues come back for discussion.

With that out of the way…



You know what, not a single zombie was killed in this issue.  Its possible there weren’t even any in the background (I’m being lazy and I don’t feel like going back through right now).  Despite “nothing” happening this is one of the most intense issues of comics most intense title.

Where to begin?  For one why don’t people give Andrea more credit?  She is such an integral part of the comic and yet usually falls after Rick, Carl, Michonne and the bad guy of the arc.  Her near death in this issue is a heart pounder.  I didn’t realize until reading this issue but her death would be just as shocking as Glenn’s.  She is such an important part of the series, and through her we discover so much about Rick and Carl and surviving in this new lawless world.  The girl who first showed up in the comic was a victim but the woman who fought off an attacker and became one of the best sharp shooters on the planet is a hero.

“We don’t die Rick.  We don’t die.”  These lines are either hammering in foreshadowing or stinking up the place with red herrings.  There is no in between.

Then there is Negan.  Remember when we all thought he was nothing more than a copy of the Governor?  We were all so wrong.  Negan is fucked up on a whole other level.  Not only because of his love affair with Lucille, which is a valid reason to register someone as fucked up, but no it doesn’t end there.  He plots, he plans and he has his own code of conduct.  He is going to try his best to absolutely destroy Rick.  Someone big is going to die and its not even time for the “All Out War”  story.

If you’re only watching the show or if you’re a wait for trade kind of person, you couldn’t be more wrong right now.  This title has a slow burn that is going to build and build and explode come April when this story looks to reach its close.  While super hero comics have the market cornered on hyperbole truly nothing can prepare you for what happens in this issue.  And that is going to be said 12 more times at least in the coming months.

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