Overtaken #1 Preview.



Coming out this Wednesday is the brand new series from Aspen Comics, Overtaken!

There are mysteries, and action, and aliens, and so much going on you’ll be amazed they fit it all into one issue.  Read on for more cover art, the official words from Aspen Comics themselves plus some preview art.  Then come back for an advanced review on this very site and don’t forget to pick up Overtaken #1 at your favorite comic book shop this Wednesday.

OVERTAKEN-01a-B-Lorenzana OVERTAKEN-01b-RES-Lorenzana

Frank Mastromauro ­ Story / Marco Lorenzana ­ Art / Wes Hartman – Colors

The sci-fi thriller OVERTAKEN takes center stage as Aspen’s 10 year
anniversary celebration marches on!

Some questions, you may not want to know the answers to. Journalist Will
Harden is well equipped for most situations, but nothing can prepare him for
what’s about to come. Relocating from the big city to a small mountain town
with his wife, everything is turned upside-down the moment she goes missing.
Are the rumors of alien abductions true or did something far worse happen to
his wife? No matter the cause, Harden will not stop until he uncovers the
truth, or dies trying.

OVERTAKEN #1 is in stores August 28th, 2013!


01_OVR1-01-CMYKcrop 02-03_OVR1-01-CMYKcrop 04_OVR1-01-CMYKcrop

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