Well……for 8/25/13.

Welcome to the Week in Hellions, or Well…. In this weekly column I talk about events of the week and see where that takes me.  As always, readers are more than welcome to ask questions and/or leave comments and maybe inspire the next column.

Plus I would still love some sort of graphic for this space but I am not skilled enough to create one on my own.

So lets talk about this past week:


I stayed home this week too.  We had to not only get used to the baby but also get used to not having company over every day.  Its wonderful that so many people want to see the little guy but he gets tired, we get tired, and in the end we’re not really learning how to be parents.  We’re learning how to host.  This isn’t to say that people aren’t invited over anymore.  Contrary, we love it even more now just to have another adult to talk to.  But having 2 to 3 guests if not whole families every day for over a week was just too much.  Lot of good food brought over though.

I’ll be returning to the job on Monday and staying there another 4 or so weeks before the wife goes back to work and I turn into Stay at Home Dad/please someone anyone pay me for the stuff I write.  We’re going to change some things up, switch to a cheaper insurance, and push buying a car back a little more.  It will be tough but lots of people do it every day and we can make it work.

Speaking of work though I could not be dealing with a more Jekyll/Hyde circumstance.  One manager worked around the hours I’m available and scheduled me to the maximum amount I can currently do.  Plus she started some paper work so maybe I can get a bit of paid paternity leave money.   Then there is another one who gave me shit for calling off two weeks ago.  You know when I was at the hospital.  And my wife was about to start a 14 hour labor.  How selfish of me to call off work that day.  If only I had given them 9 months notice.

Anyways…. Hey I got a lot more written this week!  I’m working on getting caught up on review copies that have been sent to me.  Plus hopefully I’ll get writing for sites like Under Scoop Fire and Geeks Unleashed soon.  I love writing as much as possible for damn near anyone but for now I need to make sure my wife and kid are good first.

Oh and I just today finished Money in the Bank.  Which means I have over a month of WWE to get caught up on.  I’m really debating whether or not to bother with TNA Impact Wrestling.  One, I really don’t know if I see them being around in a year.  Two, when someone breaks their neck wrestling for your nationally broadcast company you pay for his medical bills.  No debate, you pay for his bills and his care.  Rumor is TNA did not and that is disgusting.

How about you?  Do you have companies you personally boycott due to policies or your own experiences?  I have quite a few but I’d love to hear from readers first.

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