Jirni #4 Review.

From Aspen Comics, JT Krul, Paolo Pantalena, Brett Smith, Josh Reed.

JIRNI-04b-Cafaro JIRNI-04a-Pantalena JIRNI-04d-Laiso JIRNI-04c-Qualano

(A review copy was provided by Aspen Comics.  Also, due to the new baby I’m still playing catch up.  This comic book is available on stands today.)

Its the penultimate issue of Jirni and the story has gone from tense to intense.  Not only for our hero, Ara but also for her mother.  Like any journey this quest not only changes the lead but those around her as well.

The story has been one of the most enjoyable titles in Aspen Comics year long 10 for 10 event.  JT Krul has created this brand new world that shouldn’t be familiar at all but every tower and village and market and throne is simultaneously brand new yet classic.

Ara is a beautiful character and the art is only matched by her strength of character.  She is not just a fighter, but a thinker as well.  She absorbs her surroundings and understands the thoughts and motivations of those who come before her.  Her encounter with the rock creatures never once turns the way readers would expect.  One of my favorite things about Jirni and most of Aspen’s titles is the unexpected.  There are cliches in comics for a reason, because so many writers fall into the traps.  However the only thing I can come to expect from Aspen is that the story will never go where I think.

I mention it so often, but the colors for this comic are really extraordinary.  Opening up this book takes me back to that day in school when everyone else has red and blue and yellow markers and someone comes in with the paint smelling shimmering gold and silver ones.  I feel foil on the pages of the comic which is ridiculous but that’s how strong the colors are.  I love Brett Smith’s colors but for some reason its even better in Jirni (although rumor is I should pick up Nightwing next week).

There is only one more issue left of Jirni and by all means put in a request at your local comic book shop for it.  Hopefully readers like you will guarantee a second volume.


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