Peter Panzerfaust #13 Review.

From Image Comics, Shadowline, Kurtis Wiebe, and Tyler Jenkins.


(A review copy was provided for this article.  Also a review copy of Kurtis Wiebe’s new series Rat Queens was also sent however due to the brand new baby boy in the house I didn’t have time to review it before the link expired.  But expect a Rat Queens review in September! )

Long time readers of this blog have read the love we have for Peter Panzerfaust but with each issue the story gets greater and greater.  The love for issue one is like the love for a junior high girlfriend.  Its the highest level of love your mind and body can muster at that age.  Then life happens and experiences change a person and the love one feels as an adult is that much stronger and more powerful.  Much in the same way, the love that readers like myself and creators like Kurtis and Tyler feel in this 13th issue is also that much stronger.

This comic is the classic story of Peter Pan, re-imagined against the backdrop of World War II.  All of your favorites are here, but slightly changed.  By taking a classic tale and tweaking it just a bit Kurtis has shown how universal these characters are while creating his own modern day classic.  There is no magic or powers here.  Just the strength of the human spirit.  Told through a series of flashbacks, every issue shows just how strong these “kids” are yet how fragile they are as adults.  They have been through something that no one other than themselves could ever comprehend.  One of the most striking lines in this series takes place in this issue when Peter and the surviving boys are called “cursed to live”.  Its a haunting line that will resonate throughout the series.

While I’ve gone on and on about the writing please don’t think that the art is anything less than stellar.  Tyler pours action onto every page in ways that make each panel kinetic.  He’s one of the best artists today for expressions and body language.  These boys are no longer children but still so young and he conveys the loss of innocence.  Each drawing shows these young men who had to grow up far too quick.

Peter Panzerfaust #13 is available at all good comic book shops and the first two graphic novels are available everywhere fine books are sold.

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