Zoe: Out of Time #1 and #2 Review.

From J. Michalski, Alexander Lagos, Derlis Santacruz, Oren Kramek.

Zoe01 Zoe02

(A copy of these issues was provided for review.)

I’ll admit, I get a lot of comics to review.  Or requests.  Or random people on Twitter.  So when I heard about a comic called Zoe: Out of Time I was willing to review but I honestly had no expectations.  The book starts out with an arrogant musician and I really thought I was in for a thinly veiled autobiographical rock star comic.  Then Zoe came in.  I could not be more wrong about this comic.

There will be four issues of this book and each one is only 99 cents.  For the price of some bullshit “event” book from one of the big two you could buy this whole series instead and have a much more enriching read.  I’ve only read the first two issues and this is an original and wonderful comic.  Its so simple yet complicated and all of that makes for a beautiful story.  Imagine Marty McFly as a sexy girl and obsessed with a rock star from the past.  Hijinks happen and the time travel events start to envelope and change everyone around them.

Only the universal truths of music and comics could put this creative group together.  American, Israel and Argentina represent to make this comic.  From far flung corners of the globe these four creators have taken their shared and yet unique life experiences to create Zoe and her incredible story.  Zoe has father issues, she’s rebellious, but she has this charisma that cant be denied.  Even in the future there are certain truths that will always come through and passion is one of them.  Passion for art, for love, for the truth.

Plus the art is polished up to a shine.  There are not only great character designs but also the panels, the colors, the lettering.  I have never been so surprised by a comic before.  While the series is only planned for four issues I’m already hoping for more from Zoe or at least more from these creators.  Everything about Zoe: Out of Time should be at the top of comic book fans’ “Must Watch” list for the year.

Thank you to the Zoe crew for sending this to me!


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