Executive Assistant: Assassins #13 Review.

From Aspen Comics, Vince Hernandez, Lori “Cross” Hanson, Joe Kennedy, Teodoro Gonzalez, Josh Reed.


Never before in the history of the Executive Assistants has one character been given so much room to grow.  (Okay Isis is pretty great, but she was already established by the time I jumped on.)  Daisy is her name and if you want to know her game read the four part story currently taking place in the pages of Executive Assistant: Assassins.

I have told Vince many times how impressed I am with his output.  Also his extreme skill in writing female characters.  Many of the women in the Aspen Comics house have been called the best of the best but I’m really getting sucked in to the story of Daisy.  From money, pushed aside, fighting and clawing for every thing she can get to survive in life.  She has problems, she has relationships, she tries to find happiness but never once plays the victim.  While so many female characters in comics are just tits and ass, Daisy was created using the first rule of gymnastics.  Lead with the head and the body will follow.  Vince started with the head, the mind, of Daisy and not only her own body but the body of the story followed naturally.

While I have bestowed praise on so many of Aspen’s artists before I feel not enough has been said about Lori Hanson’s work.  It has been said frequently by me that the best comic artists know how to draw faces.  Look at Daisy.  So beaten, so experienced by all that life threw at her.  Then Lori draws her with these cute little freckles.  Just a few dots on the page and it conveys so much youth and innocence despite the awful circumstances she is living through.

If you want action, its here.  Or a great story.  Most of all for all of you “wait for trade” people get in on this four issue arc that explores every aspect of this fresh new character.

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