Comic Review: Hoax Hunters #10

From Image Comics, Michael Moreci, Steve Seeley, T-Rex Jones, Jim Campbell, and T-Bone Daniel



They’re baaaaack! After a few months on hiatus, Hoax Hunters is back with the long awaited 10th issue of the series. This time around, they’ve got a new artist on board – T-Rex Jones, who did the cover for the second issue of the series last year. Also in that time, the series has been optioned for a movie. Granted, many a series have been optioned, and few have been made, but the thought alone is exciting!

This issue kicks off a new story arc that splits the team up. Donovan and Regan, both possessing demon granted powers are heading down to South American on the hunt for a book that has fallen into the wrong hands. The rest of the team, including Lauren, introduced in issue #5, are headed to the towns near Hauncheyville, where the last story arc took place, responding to an increase in creature activity. While this issue is a lot of set up, we’re treated to Regan’s back story and the moments that made her into what she is now, and the fate of her family.

With T-Rex Jones on board as artist, he brings a new, darker edge to the book. It’s as if the characters are being viewed through a distorted lens, or through someone or something else’s eyes entirely. Jones has a knack for making bright lights creepy as hell, especially when that light is emitted from a character’s eyes. Moreci/Seeley do their beloved magic, setting up the story arc and placing the pieces on the board perfectly, to be moved throughout the coming issues. If you’re reluctant to pick up the new title, I’d suggest checking out Case Files #1, which serves as a sort of Tavern Tales for the series, and is currently free on ComiXology. If you’re also looking to catch up, I’d suggest the also free Story Thus Far.

With issue #10, Hoax Hunters‘ has set itself up to tell the strongest and most compelling story of the series existence. Stay tuned folks, because what’s to come is going to be great.

Past issues also available for free at Keenspot.

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