Soulfire #6 Review.

From Aspen Comics, JT Krul, Frank Mastromauro, Giuseppe Cafaro, Mike DeBalfo, Nei Ruffino, Josh Reed.

SoulfireV4-06b-Ruffino SoulfireV4-06a-DeBalfo

(A review copy was provided by Aspen Comics.  Also, we’re still in post baby world here at Casa Hellions so bear with us while we get caught up on reviews.)

There has always been something I didn’t quite understand about Soulfire.  I love the comic, and Grace, and all of the characters yet I knew in the back of my head despite my enjoyment that there was something that wasn’t clicking for me.  Finally in the sixth issue, the answer hit me.

This is the Avengers movie with Magic.

Follow me here.  Long time readers know how much I love JT’s and Frank’s writing.  I have gone on and on in previous reviews about the art in this book. Soulfire is always guaranteed to be a fantastic read with beautiful art.   But many of Aspen’s comics are like that.  What sets this apart?

The battles in this issue really reminded me of the final battle in the Avengers movie and that changed my entire outlook on the series.  Characters drop in and out of focus.  Battles continue across multiple locations.  There is a constant need to adjust the plan and regroup in order to defeat evil.  No, neither Soulfire nor Avengers were the first to do this but if I’m going to talk you into picking up Soulfire what better way than to compare it with positive notes to the third biggest movie of all time?

If anything I would say that this battle is on a larger scale.  Dragons and demons and creatures that are beyond human comprehension.  It is an epic fight where things keep happening.  And they keep happening in every issue.  Unlike many recent 12 plus issue massive crossover event books that only continue to reinforce the status quo.

The only complaint I could have is that the cast is massive.  The more experience a reader has with Soulfire the better.  Thankfully the back issues are easy to find on ComiXology and fine brick and mortar comic book shops.

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