4000th Post. “Who I Am” The League.



This is the 4000th post on Team Hellions.  It will also act as an answer  to the weekly assignment for the League of Extraordinary Bloggers.

To introduce, once a week the League are given an assignment and any blog that would like can answer it and share links with other like minded bloggers.  This week’s assignment:

Hello, my name is… Tell us a little about yourself — even if we all know who you are, there are plenty of new folks wondering if you’re in fact a dog.


As its the 4000th post I thought this would be a good time to tell new readers who I am, remind old readers of some things, and maybe even look to the future.

It all began back when I saw the original trailer for Cloverfield.  Yes, I’m serious.  Back when it was called 01-18-08 and no one had a clue what was happening.   I cant remember what movie I saw the trailer before (Transformers maybe) but I remember becoming obsessed with this mysterious movie.  I wasted hours online trying to find out information.  Back in MySpace days I compiled all of the information I found and put it up on my page.  Hundreds of views.  This pleased me, so I did some research and liked what WordPress had to offer then set up the original version of this site.  Hellionsmagazine.wordpress.com.  That Cloverfield post got thousands of hits.  Thus a blogging obsession began.

Writing was always there in the background but I never quite knew what to do with it.  I loved to write in school, and that’s about all I enjoyed.  I went to college for teaching but switched one semester in for Literature and Creative Writing.  All of the books and the research and the projects filled me with a joy I was looking for.  All of the pieces were there I just had to put them together.

I knew I wanted to talk about wrestling and comics and all sorts of geeky things but I wanted a name that could envelope all of those topics.  I toyed with Rivals and VS but those are being used elsewhere.  One of my friends started using Hellions as an overall name for our group and I latched right on to it.

Kevin is my real first name, and I’ve already dropped character on here before so no harm in doing it again.  The real name is Kevin Decent.  I know, I have an adjective for a surname.  Its also not Smith or Jones and when I began blogging I wanted a little bit of privacy.  If I upset someone it wouldn’t be too hard to find me.  I may have over estimated how much anyone would give a shit.  Now the Kevin Hellions name is pretty well known so I cant abandon it.  I’ll use both names depending on where and what the writing involves.

Currently I live with my wife and newborn son in upstate New York.  Remember where Woodstock 99 took place?  That’s where I am and nothing has happened in this area since then.  I work at a local store that I try to be vague about because there are people who stalk the internet and report people for things like “work sucks today!” posts on Facebook.  Plus I’ll become a stay at home Dad and hopefully frequently published and paid writer within the next month.  No need to go into details about the job when I’m on my way out but suffice to say there have been numerous things over the last 4 years that have upset and stressed me out with no benefits like higher pay or title to make any of it worth it.

But I have done so much over the last few years.  Connections and friends and having my name mentioned in comics and at Cons.  The blogging community is wonderful.  There is nothing better for the geek community than the feeling of not being alone that the internet provides.  There is no book store, comic shop, record store, or really anything more than a WalMart within a half hour radius.  Thus its tough to meet other geeks, because the usual meeting places don’t exist.

As the next stage of my life begins I have many goals ahead.  First of all is to be an amazing husband and father for the rest of my life.  I want to grow my name and the Hellions name.  Writing on other sites, writing for money, working on more podcasts and videos and hopefully working my way up the ladder enough to have it be the full time job I can do from home while also being that great Dad and hubby.

None of it would be possible without receiving support from the rest of the League.  Lets see who has posted so far:

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  1. So… you’re alter ego is Hellions and your real surname is Decent… sound like a Jekyll and Hyde situation brewing. Best keep an eye on that.

  2. Congratulations on the 4000th post! That is really cool. I also like what you said about the blogging community, because it can be hard to meet like minded people in real life, so to have these places to visit on the Internet and get to know such great people is really cool. Have a nice weekend!

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