Overtaken #1 Review.

From Aspen Comics, Frank Mastromauro, Marco Lorenzana, Wes Hartman, Josh Reed.

OVERTAKEN-01a-B-Lorenzana OVERTAKEN-01b-RES-Lorenzana OVERTAKEN-01a-A-Lorenzana OVERTAKEN-01f_Oum-DragonCon

This is a very different comic from Aspen.  Most of Aspen Comics’ line is action packed but this one.  Something different is happening with Overtaken.  Its “boring”.  Let me explain…

There are too many readers who want instant satisfaction.  Blood and guts and sex and swearing and all that stuff on every page.  They don’t appreciate the slow build.  If there isn’t constant danger in comics like The Walking Dead or (friend of the site) Grace Randolph’s Supurbia, then these readers begin to rally against the comic and call it boring.  In reality, good stories need to be crafted and honed.  In order for a fight to matter, characters must be developed with reasons and motivations.  All in order to make later issues that much more impactful.

Same with Overtaken.  This story of a very cute couple moving into their new home is adorable.  Their conversation flows naturally, as if its a transcript from Frank’s own home.  Not a single line feels forced.  All of it brings the reader in to care about these two.  I’m ready to sit down and have dinner with them.  Maybe play some charades after.

But of course then “something” happens.  A bright light and a mysterious phone call and if you want answers then pick up the next issue.

However, nothing really happens to our two leading humans.  Obviously its coming in the next issue, and only to escalate from there.  But those readers with too much aggression will complain about the lack of fighting or aliens or boobs.  There’s always something to complain about.  Jesse and Will are not just fodder.  Through the phone calls, the conversations, and the banter readers will fall in love.  Which makes the end of the issue that much tougher.

Its an expertly done comic that will entice new readers with every issue.  This newly married couple has an extraordinary story to tell.  See DC Comics, great stories can be done after matrimony!

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