Filling The Void Left By #WorldsEnd

Earlier this year, Josh Hewitt unleashed the Worlds End project on, well, the world, and it was damn awesome. So much so, that by the end, there was a void left.  Carey Torgesen helped fill that void with The Memory Project over at her blog, but yet again, we were left in the void. I’ve been searching for some books to satisfy my craving and after an extensive enough search, have stumbled upon a few to share.

The Age of Miracles by Karen Thompson Walker

the-age-of-miracles-book-coverReleased last year, Karen Thompson Walker’s The Age of Miracles is the slow, cruel death of the earth as it slows its rotation more and more every day. The day’s become longer, crops fail, people go nuts, but the crowning achievement of this novel is the book’s protagonist, a twelve year old girl named Julia. In a sense, a coming of age story is cut short by the death of the earth, projecting a character on a precipice never seen before. Julia’s perspective starts off as a positive one, perhaps due to the naivety of her age or because of a mother hooked on hyperbole. Walker does a beautiful job blurring the lines between regular life and what would seemingly be the actions of mad men, leaving the reader to wonder how different our world is from this one. Very much inspired by Ray Bradbury, The Age of Miracles manages to keep a YA book from falling into the tropes that often plague the category, and presents a convincing, real world end.



The Last Policeman series by Ben H. Winters

The-Last-PolicemanAn asteroid is going to hit the earth within the year at the start of The Last Policeman, but to Detective Hank Palace, there is still work to be done. The bones of an impending disaster book is in how the world is set up, and like The Age of MiraclesThe Last Policeman is very convincing. The nature of reality warps, and changes man, more often for the worst. In this world, Palace is the patron saint of lost causes, and while you’re asking the question: “why bother?” Winters’ fantastic character work is a driving force. The combination of great characters and a brilliantly plotted world make this a must read. The sequel to The Last PolicemanCountdown City was released earlier this year.

Check out this great Book Riot discussion about both books.



The Mercury Series by Robert Kroese

FotoFlexer_Photo-60_zpsc76832cfKroese combines Gaiman and Pratchett’s Good Omens with Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy in this inventive and hilarious take on the Biblical Apocalypse. Intertwined throughout is Kroese’s unique take on philosophy, taking jabs at both science and religion. His Four Horsemen are attache cases, everyone is trying to stop or bring on the apocalypse, and has linoleum ever been this important? This series will have you cracking up over three books, and as of this writing, Kroese is working on a fourth book in the series.



Happy Reading!

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