Executive Assistant: Iris #5 Preview.



The star Assassin continues her lead role in the latest issue of Executive Assistant:  Iris.  Be sure to pick up this incredible issue, on comic book shop racks today!  The Executive Assistants never disappoint and neither does Aspen.  Keep reading for more preview art and the official solicitation from Aspen Comics themselves.


David Wohl ­ Writer /Alex Lei­ Art / Siya Oum – Colors

The Extinction finale has arrived!

In this, the final chapter of the thrilling Executive Extinction crossover,
Iris seeks vengeance for her fallen comrade and forces a final showdown with
the man who murdered them–the vicious and malevolent Mazutsu. But to get to
him, she must cross paths with her own employer, the C.I.A., as well as her
greatest nemesis, Rose, who is seeking a little revenge of her own. In the
end, only one will survive, and THIS time, it’s permanent!

EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT: IRIS (vol 3) #5 is in stores September 11, 2013!


01_IRV3-05-CMYKcrop 02_IRV3-05-CMYKcrop 03_IRV3-05-CMYKcrop 04_IRV3-05-CMYKcrop 05_IRV3-05-CMYKcrop

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