All New Fathom #2 Review.

From Aspen Comics, David Wohl, Frank Mastromauro, Alex Konat, Mark Roslan, Beth Sotelo, Josh Reed.

AllNew_FATHOM-02b-Konat-reserved AllNew_FATHOM-02d-Konat-DragonCon AllNew_FATHOM-02a-Konat AllNew_FATHOM-02c-RET-Campbell

Its an all new era of Fathom and an all new level of quality from the team at Aspen Comics.  This book has always been groundbreaking and always had great ideas but this one latest series takes things to a higher (or in the case of an under the sea book, lower) level.

Long time comic book readers know that “all new” is usually followed by “all different”.  Things that are different are often feared.  We all have that fear of the unknown.  These fears are a little easier to deal with when we have a guide.  Someone who has been through it before and knows the way.  Over three quarters of the Earth is covered in water.  More is known about the moon than what is on the ocean floor.  Its a scary thought.  However, when someone who has spent so much time at sea, someone who is part of the sea, is standing next to you that fear of the oceans would dissipate.

So imagine how downright scary it is to have that expert guide have no idea what the hell is going on.   The entire creative team does a masterful job of taking this 15 year old character and making her fresh.  We are seeing this crazy new world through her eyes and every bit of it is exciting yet terrifying.

Aspen discovers new races and new depths to the oceans.  Even familiar places hide secrets.  The only thing that is constant is Aspen Matthew’s strength.  She forges ahead despite not knowing what it is she’s going into.  All brought to life with some of the most amazing art and detailed coloring you’ve ever seen.  There’s a giant splash page with this force of water that embodies strength.  Not only of the water itself but also of Aspen.  Its an incredible piece in a time when we really need more strong female characters on the racks.

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