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Its another week and another assignment for the League of Extraordinary Bloggers.  This week’s assignment:


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Alright, now what the hell do I write about Blue?

The Goodwill Geek and Shezcrafti had some good blue pictures up.  There are many more links at the end of this article so you can see what everyone has come up with.  But I read these two first and it made me wish I had the time and energy, and also photo skills, to post some great photography.

As it stands I think I’ll go bullet points for what blue means to me.

First of all, my wife loves blue and the home we share together has many rooms that are blue, or accents, or those little extra things that make a house a home.  In fact, she loves blue so much she made this for me.  You’ll probably see it around all those places I lurk around the internet.

Blue Hellions

I will always wear a blue shirt for a job interview, or other occasions where I need to impress someone.  Studies show people find blue to be a trusting color.  However, knowing this I find myself to be very cautious and leery around anyone wearing blue.


The Blue Meanie is the greatest fan turned wrestler in the history of professional wrestling.

If you want to make a great super hero, add some blue to his or her costume.  Look at Superman, Spider-Man, some versions of Batman, Captain America and this can go on and on.   I have a super hero universe idea (alright two of them) and the main character’s costume is highly blue.


I bought Full Throttle Blue Demon nearly every day for a year, despite it not tasting good at all, because it was named after legendary luchadore Blue Demon.


If the place I’m working at allows blue jeans, I wear pants on days off.  If the reverse is true then I wear jeans on days off.  I feel very strongly that there should be work clothes and day off clothes and rarely should the two cross over.

Thankfully I grew up near Canada where Labatt Blue was and is plentiful.  I’m still pissed off about the time I went to a wedding in Washington state, found some Labatt’s and never got to drink one because of scrounging guests.   Also, its great to go to Canada and drink it cheap while Budwiser is marked up as “imported”.

Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends is one of the last great all ages appropriate and timeless cartoons produced.  Oh I’m sorry, that’s Bloo.


I think Pepsi Blue could have worked.

I would buy cases upon cases of Mountain Dew Baja Blast if its ever bottled.  Screw you Taco Bell!


I love blue vs. red in pop culture.  Not the Halo based web series.  I’m thinking Pokemon.  Of course there’s WWE with Raw as red and Smackdown as blue.


While I’ve always thought of red as “my” color there has been a good switch over to blue lately.  Mostly due to my newborn son and the intensive painting process that took place to get ready for him.  Gone gone form of red.  Sleep little boy, in your blue bed!


Anyways, this was all very silly but lets see what the rest of the League has going on in the world of Blue.

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Branded in the 80s


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