Pet Peeves. The League.


Its another week for the League of Extraordinary Bloggers.  OK, so this assignment was two and a half weeks ago but I couldn’t find the time to write.  (Baby and work!)  However I’m here now and its time to talk about things that are on my mind.  Within the confines of this week’s assignment of course.  Which is:

Pet peeves.

Ohhh boy.  I do bitch and complain a lot.  However, I’m also a very calm person.  I try to stay calm and be reasonable, taking much shit with a smile.  The problem is it eventually gets to be too much and I’ll get really mad over something stupid.  Its an over reaction and really the smart solution would be to not bottle stuff up.  But there’s so much stupidity!

I really hate the Netflix and Hulu set up on XBox.  The PlayStation one is just so damn easy.  Especially to find new shows on Hulu.  Nothing about the XBox makes any sense to me.  I bought this for near $200 and then you’re going to charge me more money just to use it?  Fuck that.  While I wouldn’t mind getting another PS3 and moth balling this shit 360 the budget wont allow for it right now.  But that new Google ChromeCast is looking pretty cool.  And only $35.

Autotune.  I love hair metal.  Its what I grew up with.  So I’m not a music snob.  But autotune is just the drizzling shits.  Access to a computer does not an artist make.

If Twitter can have millions of posts show up in order, then dammit Facebook you can do the same.  I was trying to read the results of this week’s WWE PPV and really noticed it.  Here’s the opening match, here’s who won the main event, here’s the entrances for the main event, oh look at the World title match, and here’s the entrance for the mid card, here’s who won that opening match.  There is no flow to it whatsoever.  I just want to read chronologically – is that too much to ask?

I hate that this age of Facebook and Twitter have led people to believe that their uninformed opinions are just as valid as anyone else’s.  Don’t copy/paste.  Don’t share.  Don’t say that the right or left or whoever are wrong and this is why… Without doing some fact checking!  All anyone has to do is a check for how many times people have thought an article from The Onion was real to expose the foolishness and idiocy of many on social media.

Toys are way too fucking expensive.  I am not going to pay $20 for an action figure.  Especially one that looks like a toy I had as a youth that only cost $3.  There’s no way I’m spending many hours pay on a toy for my kid with only 4 points of articulation.

There is a horrible lack of book stores in this country.  “But you can get it on your iPad/Kindle/whatever!”  Yes, I could.  I could also go interact with people and enjoy the discovery and camaraderie of other readers.

Sleep is a bitch.  I could get so much more done if I didn’t have to sleep.

Any media library that is not trying to put themselves on Netflix and/or Hulu.  This is the Night Court argument.  No one is running out to buy Wacky Races or Josie and the Pussycats in Space on DVD right now.  Many great shows aren’t even available.  Throw them up on the streaming sites!  All of the old wrestling, sitcoms, cartoons.  Hell I would watch the hell out of old Late Night with David Letterman episodes.  Just from a historical sense.  But there’s no way anyone would buy a DVD set of the hundreds upon hundreds of episodes that did exist.  Old Howard Stern on E!  This list could go on and on.

Employees who cant think for themselves.  Hey, fellow cashier jockey… I bought this in a large, I need an extra large.  “Um… I have to call a manager.”  No you don’t!  I have the receipt and I’m getting the same thing!  No money will change hands.  Learn to think for yourself!

Most of all I hate that there’s not enough time in the day.  I want to be with my family, I understand I have to work, and I want time for fun stuff like writing, reading comics, and watching wrestling (two months behind!)

Thanks for listening to me rant.

Here’s what the rest of the League had to bitch, I mean, peeve about.

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