Well…. Where the Hell Have You Been Kevin? 10/9/13.

Hey guys.  I’m still alive.  Les get caught up…

Pre-article, I would still love some sort of “Well…” logo for these articles.  If anyone would like to make something and gift it to me via email that would be wonderful.  Such a gift confirms I have readers and fans (who are more talented than I) and will help get this weekly post, um, weekly.


So all of the plans the wife (Elise, for those of you new readers) and I have made for the last year and throughout pregnancy came to a screeching halt and abrupt end with an all new all different plan emerging within a day.  I’m being a bit dramatic sure.  But so what, I have a two month old!  All of life is dramatic right now.

All of this will effect the blog and my writing.  So if you’re a fan, pay attention.

Throughout Elise’s pregnancy I told my bosses that I would be leaving once she went back to work.  She makes more per hour than I do and I have had a lot of issues with certain things at work over the last few years.  Not all bad, but numerous times I felt screwed over.  Elise was going to work, I was going to stay at home with the baby and have all this free time to write.

Also, we’re breastfeeding exclusively and using cloth diapers.

So of course there would be no problem for the (non lactating) male to be the one at home all day.  Plenty of free time!  Babies just coo and say, “no that’s cool Daddy, finish writing before changing my poopy pants.”

As I put in my two weeks my bosses pulled me aside.  “What do we have to do to get you to stay?”  Well, you need to make up the pay difference between my wife and I and guarantee me hours no matter the store’s sales.  (By the way, its a sporting goods store.  Also they have been known to stalk social media and check up on employees.   A long way of saying excuse the vagueness.)

I didn’t get all of that but I got enough and a little side work within the company that should help this family of three (and the cat) stay financially afloat.

However, and here’s how it effects all of you readers.  I have no time for anything.  I get up and go to work, come home and either take the child to give Elise a break or do as much housework as I can.  Then by the time the wee one is falling asleep, I’m ready to pass out too.  Oh yeah, he didn’t take naps for weeks.

For any future parents out there, swings are a godsend.

The only reason I’m able to type today is the combination of him being in a swing, and getting 4 shots yesterday (poor little guy).

I love writing.  I love this site and the people I’ve come into contact with because of it.  I’m going to try to write any time I can but it will be tough for awhile.  Plus I still want to contribute to other sites like Under Scoop Fire, Geeks Unleashed and ReDiscover the 80s to name a few.

Fellow parents, tell me to hang in there.  Friends and fans, I hope you stick around.  Leave comments and love!

One comment

  1. It gets better Kevin! The first few months are incredibly tough, but by now, you’re getting into the groove, and figuring each other out. Before you know it, you’re going to miss the baby stage and start thinking about having another one. No, really, you will! 😉

    (And yes, doctor visits with the shots are the worst!)

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