Whaddaya Want? The League.


Its another week for the League of Extraordinary Bloggers!  I’m a little behind, as this is last week’s assignment.  But lets jump right in.  What does our illustrious host, Brian of Cool and Collected has given us this week:

When you hit up the toy store, thrift store, flea market, or comic shop, what are some of the things you’re actively hunting?    

Well this is one of those posts that will be vastly different than it would have been last year.  Part of me really wants a room, or an entire house, with every stupid somewhat collectible thing I find.  All of the comics and toys and knickknacks and ephemera that crosses my path.  However, that is a hoarder.  It takes time and money away from the adult things in life.  Time to be responsible.   So what passed the cut?

Comics:  Avengers, New Warriors, Spider-Man, graphic novels, historical books.

I remember walking into one of the local comic shops at around 12 or 13 years old and being called “that Avengers kid”.  I was the only one who didn’t read X-Men titles.  I couldn’t care.  Sadly, I bought them for years.  Right after Uncanny X-Men #281 and Jim Lee’s X-Men #1.  I bought the whole family of titles for at least 4 years.  Maybe even 6.  But I couldn’t tell you a single story from that time.  However, I can tell you all about the Acts of Vengeance, and Operation Galactic Storm.

Speedball has been my favorite comic character for years.  Thus everything in the New Warriors series of titles is a keeper.  I’m going to be picking up better copies of Speedball #1-10 and Amazing Spider-Man Annual #22 soon.  My well read copies wont go away, but it would be nice to put something on display.  One of these will probably be my first CGC book.

The love of Spider-Man continues as an off shoot from New Warriors.  These are some of the books I still pick up today.

I love having a nice graphic novel collection.  So far I’m willing to have anything as long as its in GN form.  Any story, any company.  They just look so nice on a shelf.  Easier to get out and read too.

The usually oversized books detailing the history of comics are another focus of the collection.  If you can imagine your local library having it, and its probably 30 plus years old then I either have it or want it.

Wrestling:  DVDs, very old books and magazines.

I love finding old wrestling books at yard sales and library book sales.  Wrestling Renegades and Wrestling’s Heroes and Villains.  So many ones that came out to cash in on Hulkamania.  The big search is Whatever Happened to Gorgeous George?  I keep hoping to find a discarded copy of this but no luck yet.  Usually sells for near $100 on eBay.  I’m collecting all the modern biographies and this would look great along side.

Toys:  Classic 80s properties.

I love everything super hero and geeks but I have to accept that toys today don’t give me the same thrill.  In the last year the A Wing fighter pilot from the original Star Wars line and the Lion-O William Bruce West sent me give me more pride in ownership than anything I bought at WalMart or Target or Big Lots in years.  The old Star Wars toys are buried in my Mom’s attic.  My brother took all of the GI Joes.  I never owned any Thundercats.  Who knows where the MASK toys went.  Most of the He-Man figures have been found.  It takes me back to simpler times and its a feeling that no new toy can create.

Books:  None.

Well, not none.  But its not a focus right now.  I have books on display, in boxes, in multiple houses.  Until they can be gone through I need to hold back on these.  I’m tired of buying books I already have.

Here’s what I’m really on the look out for:

ThunderCats other than Lion-O (only have one so far).

Random GI Joes from the Real American Hero run.

Whatever Happened to Gorgeous George?

Speedball #1-10

Any near mint copies of New Warriors or comics featuring Speedball.

Lets see what the rest of the League had to say:

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