Geek Regrets. The League.



Its another week with the League of Extraordinary Bloggers.  This coven of creative collectors gathers weekly to answer one question hailed down from Mount Olympus.  The assignments are carved in granite from our own Zeus, Brian of Cool and Collected.  Let us see what has come down from the mountain top this week:

Why did I buy that? Why did I sell that? My biggest regret is…    

This week was a tough one to answer.  There are tales from other Leaguers that are geek heart breaking.  I’ve been lucky in many respects.  For one, I have always been about the immediate satisfaction of buying and thus I rarely saved up money to get anything.  There are plenty of items in my collection that cost anywhere from one to twenty dollars that I regret.  But really, I’ve blown twenty bucks on shitty meals or awful dates and at least a terrible comic or toy still exists long after a meal has left me.

I wouldn’t say that I’m without regrets though.  Its entirely possible that there are 10 copies of WildCATs #1 in my collection.  Five of which were bought the day the book came out.  Five books in one shot!  They weren’t even alternate covers.  But that was the 90s speculator boom.  Hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth of comics are sitting in this house and as I grow older it really does seem like a waste of money.  Not necessarily regret, but all that paper could be baby clothes, or co-pays, or crazy things that I’ve never owned and actually need.  Like a car.

Those Stephen Platt Moon Knight comics I bought for $20-$50 each still burn me though.

If there was anything to regret though I think it would be emphasizing quantity over quality.  Instead of reading all about Cable and the Asakani Son (I really don’t care enough to look up how to spell that) I should have bought V for Vendetta or Concrete or some Neal Adams Batman back issues.  I own damn near all the Clone Saga but my intelligence would have been more rewarded had I spent the time and money on Jack Kirby back issues.

However, despite all my bitching I do love these comics.  They can be dumb, they can be unnecessary, and they can be disposable.  But any time I can get lost in 20-30 pages with my four color friends, its worth it.

Hey lets see what the rest of the League had to say this week!


  1. Yeah, like you I got caught up in the Image frenzy of the 90s. Then the strangest thing happened. I sat down and read them. Boy, did I regret buying some of those. Now I just buy comics for the story, art and hype by damned!

  2. “Geek heart Breaking” that’s the name!! Some of the entries of this week almost made me cry 😦

    This is my trick to stop the “paying too much burn”: money is valuable when you need it. it doesn’t matter if you spent $50 for a broken generic lame action figure some months ago. if that doesn’t get you into bankruptcy, eventually you will spend that money on other useless stuff. In my case it is candy, or stickers. So, at last, it doesn’t matter.

    • Forgot to clear: I put the example of a lame action figure because I specialize in buying lame seconhanded figurines for a few bucks that “burns” me during days.
      then I buy candy for feeling better
      then I feel candy “burn”
      then I buy another lame figurine
      then I feel figurine “burn”
      then I buy candy…

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