The League: Christmas Wishes.



What happened?  Did I fall asleep?

Long time readers know that I love contributing each and every week to the League of Extraordinary Bloggers but all this work and baby stuff has put quite the damper in my writing.  I was able to write for the Cool and Collected magazine and that may have been the last thing I wrote.  So about two months of silence.  Maybe I’ll catch up on previous League assignments, but for now lets see what the LXB is talking about this week:

What’s on your Christmas wish list this year? 

I feel like I mentioned this last year.  I had just gotten married two months previous.  We were pretty sure a baby was coming soon.  Life was starting to change.  I seriously debated on selling off all of my stuff because I didn’t think being a collector and being a parent could live in the same space.

Thankfully I was wrong, and I didn’t do anything too rash.  However, my wish list has gotten a little tougher to make.  I wont ask for just anything anymore.  I want things to be somewhat special.  Lets see what cracked that code this year.

The complete Batman the Animated Series.

So a few years ago my wife bought this for me.  She was so happy about it she didn’t save a receipt or any other information.  I got it as a gift, opened it up, and its faulty.  Instead of volumes 1, 2, 3 and 4 there are two copies each of volumes 3 and 4 inside.  No volume 1 or 2.  Pisses me right off because its a beautiful set.  I have searched for hours to find some sort of way to contact Warner Bros. or anyone that could fix this faulty merchandise.  Thus far no luck.  I hope to one day rectify this and have a stunning set to enjoy.

Speedball CGC.

Yes, I’m totally serious.  Speedball of Marvel Comics, um, fame.  He of the New Warriors and the catalyst to the event Civil War.  Speedball has been my favorite comic character since his inception and without any exaggeration I probably have the world’s largest Speedball collection.  Last year my wife debated on getting me a CGC of his first appearance but ended up passing on it.  I have not been able to forget the idea of having it.  I don’t own any CGC and I think it would be awesome to have.  Throw some original art in there as well.  I constantly look for original pages of New Warriors coming up for sale and one day there will be a Speedball focused one in this house.

New Adventures of He-Man volumes one and two.

A few years ago Best Buy was selling every season of He-Man and She-Ra for only 10 dollars each.  I bought them all.  They looked so nice on the shelf next to each other, with the spines forming one large image.  However, I always felt like something was a bit off about it.  Then I saw a picture.


I am missing that spaceship in the middle.  Years later, I see this and I’m all sorts of pissed off.  I eventually realize its the New Adventures of He-Man series.  Should be easy enough.  Two volumes, twenty bucks, right?


See, while volume one is plentiful and I probably could get it for 10 bucks, volume two had a smaller print run and is more desirable.  I’m looking at about $100 for that one.  It pisses me off even more to think that I probably walked past it numerous times in recent years and never thought to buy it for cheap.

Well those are my wishes for this year.  Lets see what the rest of the League would like.

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