“Well….” for January 4, 2014.

Hey, remember me?

Seriously, having this kid is kicking my ass.  I work as much as I can, then come home and watch him so my wife can do all of the things she wasn’t able to do while watching Declan.  Things like shower and eat.  By the time he finally goes to bed for the night I’m ready to pass out.  He’s awake right now but so am I and he’s being pretty chill right now.  Seems like a good time to try to write.

Its also a new year.  So why not write up some resolutions?

I will eventually get caught up on all the great things people have sent me to review.  Aspen, Titan, Nicole, etc.  There are things going back over a year.  Wedding, baby, and the continual needs of said baby.  I really feel bad about not reviewing things because these people worked so hard.  Hopefully one day.

Over the last year I’ve also learned that it is tougher yet more satisfying to create than to destroy.  I can write a nasty review very easily, but then what?  The most popular posts on this site are not reviews, they’re original ideas.  So this year’s goal is to create more.  Fun lists, good stories, geeky finds, and the like.

Most of all though I will be working on a web comic all year long.  I’m not sure if I’ll post by page or by issue or just whatever seems like a good point.  I’ve been writing and drawing every day though and when I feel the first part is “ready” I’ll unleash this upon the world.  The story of new geeky parents and a bit of silliness along the way.  “Raising Hellions” coming soon.

Through it all I want to thank those who still follow me on Twitter and say hi on Facebook.  Please keep stopping by as any other voice helps me feel like what I say matters and is worthy of being heard.

Stick with me friends.

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