All New Executive Assistant: Iris #2 Preview.



Continuing the Aspen Comics love today comes this preview of Iris’s second issue.  She is the most deadly of the deadliest women on Earth.  She is also the most desirable to add to your long boxes.  Head out to your favorite local comic shop (be bundled and warm!) or type in the URL of your digital comics site of choice and pick up this issue.  Aspen Comics guarantees a good time.

Keep reading on for the official words from Aspen Comics themselves plus some preview art.

AllNew_EA_IRIS-02c-RET-Campbell AllNew_EA_IRIS-02b-Res-Manapul



Brian Buccellato ­ Story / Pasquale Qualano ­ Pencils / John Starr – Colors

It¹s an all-new direction for the Executive Assistant that started it all!

Shao and his cadre of armed mercenaries confront Iris and Maly, but the true
conflict is not found in their present‹but, in their past. The brutal
sacrifice of Maly’s actions many years ago have now come back to haunt her,
and force Iris to make a decision she’s not entire comfortable making. A
decision that could be extremely dangerous for her future!

Aspen is proud to welcome writer Brian Buccellato and penciler Pasquale
Qualano to the Iris family! Along with colorist John Starr, this incredible
creative team is ready to bring you an ALL NEW EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT IRIS
unlike anything you’ve ever seen before!

ALL NEW EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT IRIS #2 is in stores October 23rd, 2013!


01_IRV4-02-CMYKcrop 02-03_IRV4-02-CMYKcrop 04_IRV4-02-CMYKcrop

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