Shrugged #4 Preview.


SHRUGGED-04a-Marks SHRUGGED-04b-Marks SHRUGGED-04c-Marks SHRUGGED-04d-Marks

Frank Mastromauro ­ Story / Jonathan Marks ­ Art / Beth Sotelo, Kyle Ritter
– Colors

Not much hope remains as Lord Slive and his fear creatures have gained
control over Perspecta and the Earth. Though all seems lost, Theo isn’t
giving up and heads to a forgotten land where one last bastion of help may
reside. However, the journey itself is a task very few have ever survived,
and Theo’s chances of making it are not looking up!

Created by Michael Turner and Frank Mastromauro, with illustrations by
newcomer Jonathan Marks and colors by Beth Sotelo, make sure to listen to
the voices inside your head and pick up the newest issue of SHRUGGED today!

SHRUGGED #4 is in stores October 23rd, 2013!

01_SGV2-04-CMYKcrop 02_SGV2-04-CMYKcrop 03_SGV2-04-CMYKcrop

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