BubbleGun #3 Review.

From Aspen Comics, Mark Roslan, Mike Bowden, David Curiel, Andrew Crossley, Josh Reed.

BubbleGun-03b-Reserved_eBas BubbleGun-03a-Bowden BubbleGun-03e-Wed-Caldwell BubbleGun-03c-Sketch-eBas BubbleGun-03c-MontrealCon-Pant

Issue three came out a long time ago but I’m still getting caught up on all the Aspen comics that have come out since my wife and I had a baby.  Damn shame too because Mark Roslan is doing something really awesome here in BubbleGun.

BubbleGun is so quick, so kinetic, and yet so fully formed it reads as smooth as a hundreds episode long anime you’ve been watching for years.  Every character, every interaction and every turn has great meaning.  Not a bad trick for a comic that’s only three issues old.

Molli carries the titular BubbleGun and there’s never been a more fitting weapon.  A very adult weapon that pretends to be for kids.  A youth forced into a grown up situation.  Its thrive or die and well this book isn’t called BubbleGun for her to drop the ball and disappear one issue in.

This issue forces the characters to make some hard decisions.  Their loyalty, their relationships, their very lives hang in the balance on every page and it is a fantastic read.  There is an excitement at seeing threat after threat come after Molli and friends. A thrill on every page while this group of future warriors risks body and soul to save who they love.

Best of all, there is a very real sense of danger with every move.  Sure, Aspen Comics has been around for now over 10 years and Fathom is still around.  But there is no Superman or Spider-Man or other major franchise which has to maintain a certain status quo for fear of confusing the non comic book reading audience.  Not here.  Any one could die, change sides, become maimed for life or any of a million other travesties.  This unknown fuels the story and thrills the reader.

There’s not a whole lot of time left to pick up volume one of BubbleGun.  Head to your favorite comic book shop and be sure to grab all three issues (and the fourth this Wednesday).


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