BubbleGun #4 Review.

From Aspen Comics, Mark Roslan, Mike Bowden, David Curiel, Erick Arciniega, Josh Reed.

BubbleGun-04b-Gunnell BubbleGun-04a-To BubbleGun-04c-Smith BubbleGun-04d-Cucca

I have raved before about Molli and her entire team in BubbleGun.  This issue though takes my previous level of excitement and raises it so high I have to question my previous thoughts of what a perfect 10 can be.

Throughout this issue Molli shows leadership, compassion, fury, drive, doubt, forgiveness.  It is worthy of awards.  Awards for the creative team to come up with something so packed with emotion and drama actresses should be laying in bed every night praying to the god of their choice that there will be a BubbleGun movie and she will be cast as Molli.  I welled up, I got excited, I cheered, I teared.  All within the pages of a standard comic book, where the story is nothing but standard.

I’ve been on Mark and Mike before  in previous reviews but this time I want to mention the coloring.  Take a look at the preview pages:

04_BGUN-04-CMYKcrop 05_BGUN-04-CMYKcrop 07_BGUN-04-CMYKcrop 06_BGUN-04-CMYKcrop

This is some crazy good work.  Fellow Aspen colorist Brett Smith is my boy but damn David and Erick do some great work here.  The costumes pop off the page and immediately onto every cosplayer’s “to do” list.  The look of Molli’s world is both classic and futuristic.  Every page has a great familiarity but also ensures Molli and her teammates look original on the comic rack.

But best of all is the heart Molli shows.  She is concerned over her sister, her friends and even her former enemies.  She displays such strength and compassion that it is impossible to not fall for her and forever become a fan of this series and these characters.  Hopefully the next issue is not the last we see of Molli and the world of BubbleGun.

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