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Time to shoot. Kevin Decent here.  I am thrilled and proud to announce that my first published comic book work will be a part of the You Are Not Alone 2 anthology.  I have a very personal story inside and writing it lifted an incredible weight off of my chest.  I lost my first best friend to bullying, to not being understood, to having no one to talk to.  Through his story, through our story, and through the stories of every other talent in this book maybe combined we can prevent it from happening again.

Please consider giving to the Kickstarter campaign to guarantee this comic is published.  Click on the link for more details and thank you for being a part of this.


Continuing our anthology of hope through tales of overcoming bullying, homophobia, racism, depression and abuse. You Are Not Alone


Over the past four years GrayHaven Comics has published over 50 comics (with contributions from over 250 talented writers and artists) including THE GATHERING anthology, LIMITLESS projects, and OGNs such as the SCI-FI/HORROR OGN and the first YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE was our most ambitious project to date. In the Fall of 2013 I was honored to take home the award for Comic Book Creator of the Year by Geekadelphia and the Philly Geek Awards for the work done on YOU ARE NOT ALONE

With Book One printed and out to backer, fans and youth organizations alike, it’s time to revisit this very important project with our follow up: YOU ARE NOT ALONE 2

Once again new and upcoming creators will have an opportunity to see their work published alongside some fantastic pro creators for an important creative cause. To those who have suffered in silence facing abuse because of the color of your skin, sexual orientation, weight, or interests.  To those who are depressed and feel there is no place left to turn…YOU ARE NOT ALONE.







What good is having the ability to reach people with our stories if we can’t put that to use in a beneficial way? There were so many stories that needed to be told and wouldn’t fit into the first volume. So many more people that could be reached by a project like this. We simply couldn’t stop at one volume.

This is not a political statement. This is a statement of being good to your fellow man. This is about the children who are ridiculed or worse because of the color of their skin. Their sexual orientation. Their mental capacity. Their weight. Their interests. This is about the children who no longer feel safe going to the movies or to school. This is about the millions of kids who suffer abuse and suffer in silence thinking that no one cares.

This project is designed to show that we hear you. People care. WE CARE. And what they can do to get help.

With this book we hope to give people the means to get help and know what to do should they ever witness or face such situations themselves. .



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