Knuckleheads #4-5 Review.

From Brian Winkeler, Robert Wilson IV, Jordan Boyd, Thomas Mauer, Monkeybrain Comics.


(Digital copies of these issues were provided for review.   All of these issues are available to buy on )

Its been awhile since we saw the Crystal Fist.  He’s been busy.  Eating food, not caring what he looks like, trying to be a super hero.  Still more than most of us have done.  He’s still hanging out with his friends too.  Hot Drunk English Chick.  Pizza Guy.  Yet like the first three issues of this comic taught us, so much more.

Knuckleheads is just an absolute delight of balls out silly pseudo real world super heroic tale.   Everyone jokes about what they would do if they had super powers.  Get money and spy on girls mostly.  But really its no different than what Trevor does here.  The powers would be like so much good stuff in the garage.  Yeah I have this thing over here, and its powerful, but I don’t feel like taking it out, lets go get some pizza.  All the potential in the world, just in need of an effort engine to run it.


As with so many smart comics (well, all of them, that’s what makes them so smart) there is so much more going on than we readers initially thought.  Issue 5 really makes strides in opening up the world of Knuckleheads.  The “what you thought you knew is wrong” issue.  But damn is it well done.  I had no idea what was happening, but the feeling that something just isn’t right permeates through every panel.  Once the truth is revealed it throws the whole series for a loop and I’m hooked for 100 issues.  I need to see where this story is going.

Even with all the twists and turns, the super heroics, the humor (oh man the humor, this is one of the funniest comics out there), there is also something else just underneath.  The importance of names.  There are two big reveals with Hot Drunk English Chick and Pizza Guy that I really feel is going to have more and more resonance as the series moves on.  Its not just about introductions, its a statement.  And Knuckleheads is a perfect statement for how much fun comics can be.

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