Reunions We’d Love to See on @midnight.


If you enjoy rapid fire comedy then chances are you’re already familiar with a glorious television crossover that took place earlier this year.  Three members of cult sketch comedy show The State appeared as contestants on Comedy Central’s new stand up game show @midnight.  Michael Showalter, Kerri Kenney-Silver and Michael Ian Black played the social media inspired games with appearances from the rest of The State crew throughout the episode.  It was an exciting half hour for fans of the (this cant be right) twenty year old show.

Lets take a look at some other much loved casts who could reunite for the fun of it, should reunite for the fans but above all would reunite for the money that is guaranteed to come in from @midnight’s ratings spike.

To help the producers of @midnight I’ve picked the three best people from each cast to play the game.  Three best or the three most likely to say yes.


Attack of the Show.

This is a no brainer for any show hosted by Chris Hardwick.  Chris was an integral part of Attack of the Show during its glory days.  Arguably the third star of the show and that was just doing Gadget Pron.  As the two hosts needed time off to record out of the studio, or be sick, or disappear from the channel the @Nerdist himself stepped up and showed that he could fullfil any and all hosting duties.  Without Chris on AOTS we don’t get Talking Dead or @midnight.  Why not stage a reunion of his former co workers who joined him on this journey.

Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn are a must.  Their banter thrust AOTS from something that should have been an afterthought on a cable channel no one knows about and into must see TV.  But who to cast as a third?  While Chris Gore should absolutely be in the audience to say something inappropriate, Alison Haislip must be in that last spot.  Her chemistry with Chris Hardwick made the “Team H” episodes instant classics.



Make this happen now!  Before Paul Rudd becomes an even bigger star upon Ant-Man’s theatrical release.  There are very few universally loved everymans left.  He’s the guy that is never picked first.  But he is the even better second choice.  The perfect second husband.  The perfect guy that didn’t get the job at first but after the top choice flaked out he came in and thrived.  He’s about to star in a movie that will make multiple hundreds of millions at the box office.  Nothing against Comedy Central, but its rather tough to get someone of that stature for a goofy cable show on in the middle of the night.  The time to strike is now.

Now… or whenever The Exes has a break in their filming schedule.  Nothing against the TV Land original, but its no Scrubs.  Donald Faison has a very fast mind and fantastic facials to go along with it.  Not only are there many episodes of Scrubs to back this up, but Donald has also been one of the best voice actors of the last decade.  He brings the acting part to the forefront and makes it a true performance.

Alicia Silverstone is one of those actresses that gets a hard time from the public because she has not done anything as visible as Clueless in years.  That’s the public’s fault for not paying attention.  She has never stopped working.  Film, television, Broadway and a successful author.  Alicia has never stopped working and recently has appeared on  Suburgatory with another former Clueless star Jeremy Sisto.  Then she was in Vamps which happened to be directed by  Amy Heckerling, who also directed Clueless.  Sounds like Ms Silverstone is proud of this movie and would most likely be all for seeing some familiar faces.


Freaks and Geeks.

Try picking only three.  Seriously, this cast is insane.  Freaks and Geeks never caught on and thus only aired for one season but it is one of the best television series of all time and continuously named as the best example of high school life ever filmed.  Half the cast are now huge stars in movies and/or TV yet they’re also so humble it is entirely possible for them to appear on anything.  These are the type of guys that would show up at a fan’s high school play just because he asked.  Seth Rogan, Jason Segel, James Franco and a big bag of weed at 11PM would create the funniest pot influenced half hour of television since the best of Doug Benson.

One of these fine actors says no?  There is another great Freaks and Geeks alum waiting in the wings to take their spot.  Samm Levine, John Francis Daley or the in no way least Linda Cardellini.  In fact, spoiler alert for those of you not caught up, Linda is now on Mad Men.  Which is on AMC.  Talking Dead is also on AMC.  Chris Hardwick hosts that show.  He also hosts @midnight.  This casting is just too easy!  Everyone is connected.


Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Out of every suggestion I honestly find this to be the most possible.   Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett would be the best MST3K veterans and one needs to go no further than their Rifftrax work for evidence.  This episode can be filmed with robot silhouettes.  It can be a downloadable MP3 to be synced up with other @midnight episodes.  Hell, halfway through Mike can leave and Joel can be on the rest of the show.  The attacks against Comedy Central alone for cancelling MST3K would be worth any amount of money it takes to make this episode happen.


Sports Night.

Dan and Casey together again.  One of the hallmarks of Sports Night was the incredible dialogue.  The back and forth between characters, the rapid fire game of one ups and some of the best monologues ever written.  Sure a lot of this is because of the great team of writers that helped Sports Night become a timeless show.  It is also thanks to the amazing chemistry of the cast.  Josh Charles as Dan and Peter Krause as Casey are more beloved than 99% of actual sports anchor teams over the last sixteen years.

While Sports Night has many great cast members only Joshua Malina showed he could hang with the big two.  Joshua went on to the West Wing and Scandal and many other stops in between.  All the while flexing his acting chops in ways that can only be summed up in an extensive highlight video that cant be cut even though the storm clouds are gathering.

Bonus points to @midnight if they cut to the producer and instead of Thomas Lennon, Felicity Huffman (as Dana) is running the show.


The Kids in the Hall.

We’ll put the Kids here at the bottom for two reasons.  One, if I didn’t suggest them someone would think I forgot them.  Two, they’ve done reunions already.  Many of them.  Some also on basic cable shows.

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