Charismagic #5-6 Review.

From Aspen Comics, Vince Hernandez, Vincenzo Cucca, Mark Roslan, Emilio Lopez, Erick Arciniega, Wes Hartman, Josh Reed.

Charismagic-05a-Cucca Charismagic-05b-MirkaAndolfo

(A review copy was provided by Aspen Comics.  This post comes as part of the “getting caught up on things post baby” series.)

Fans and friends, we all know I love Charismagic.  I freaked out over the first series, I loved the Death Princess, and Sparkles has become my favorite comic book animal.  There are some things that continue to be amazing in this series and yet… something else.

First the good stuff.  For as long as I read comics I will continue to enjoy everything that Vince Hernandez writes.  He creates these entire worlds in every series.  All are different from each other which must make it nigh impossible to keep things straight.  Nigh, but not completely, because he does pull it off each and every time.  The world of Charismagic expands with each issue and if I were to go back to the first one I would be shocked at how far every character has come. It builds so naturally and seamlessly its, well its magic.

Charismagic-06a-Cucca Charismagic-06b-Oum

The art has popped like only Aspen Comics can.  Magical energies that look so perfect there is no room to question if this is what magic would look like in the real world.  Its without debate.  Then there are all the things I’ve loved before, still guaranteed on every page.  The fights, the drama, the beautiful women.  Its all there, not that I ever had any doubt.

If there is anything I could complain about its my own timing.  I read these comics after I watched the Hunger Games: Chasing Fire.  Let me explain:

The end of the second Hunger Games movie is very much the second part of a trilogy.  (Well, four movies but three books so take your pick of words.)  It is Empire Strikes Back.  The movie ends but it ends on a cliffhanger.  No resolutions, only questions.  That is how I felt when Charismagic ended.  I liked the story, but its so obvious I’m only seeing part of a story.  Maybe its my own fault for not realizing there is going to be another volume, but I was upset when the ending wasn’t an ending.

Really if the worst thing I can say about this book is that I wanted a satisfying ending but 0h-no there’s more, well, that must mean the book is pretty great.  I was involved with the characters, and deep into the story.  Head to your local comic book shop and grab not only this series but the previous Charismagic books as well.  Be sure your comic shop owner keeps a long pull list, and sign up for a subscription account, because by the end you wont want to miss the inevitable next volume.




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