Interview with Johnny Ringo of the Female Wrestling Channel.


How long have you been a fan of all wrestling and when did you become a fan of female wrestling? 
I’m not sure when I first became a fan of wrestling, but I remember I was a massive fan by the time Wrestlemania 6 took place between Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior.  It was the first time I think they (the WWF at the time) had ever offered a PPV (period) if memory serves me correctly.
Even at the young age I was then, while understanding that wrestling was staged and predetermined, and I just remember being happy and overjoyed that they let the Ultimate Warrior win both titles.   As for female wrestling, that’s a fantastic question Kevin and it’s really forcing me to sit here and think hard.
I believe my interest stemmed from seeing ladies like Missy Hyatt, Miss Elizabeth, and so many of the (very few) ladies at the time who were valets instead of performers.  We would, of course, get treated to the occasional hair pulling catfight, but that was about it.
I think my interest really started to gain steam around the time that Beulah and Francine did their famous ECW catfight, Sable was tearing up the women’s division in the WWF, while David McLaine’s WOWE made it’s hasty debut and seemingly quicker flop. I think this was the primary time period that my interest in the ladies started outweighing my interest in the males and their storylines.
Those ladies are just too darn irresistible, who can blame me?  🙂
What was your motivation for starting the Female Wrestling Channel? 
To begin, what’s the number #1 complaint about the wrestling on TV?   It’s that it is fake.   That is where we differ.
As I got older, I gained more and more of a passion for female mat wrestling.  It is a very niche industry, not too many people are aware of it, and most of the ladies that do it come from the porn and adult industries.
We wanted to start something that took care of a lot of wants at the same time.  First and primarily, real female wrestling.  No predetermined outcomes.  (Some of our matches are scripted w/ predetermined outcomes, but they are marked as such, or normally labeled FWC Extras)The story literally depends on who wins and loses. No writers in the back deciding everyone’s fates.  The girls decide it on their own. Much of what happens are things that are taken from real life experiences making it a reality show of sorts.   I document much of what happens as I go along.  The idea is that with mats and a camera, we can go anywhere.  No big rings or the need for a bunch of hands.  We can pick up and go.

And, ladies from anywhere in the world can challenge our ladies.  We hope to get female celebrities and former female pro wrestling personalities involved and trying it out as we go along for profit or charity.   We also want ladies next door trying it out too.
We are based in Indiana, so going the nude route was not a good idea for us, plus I think there is plenty of that out there already.  We want something that is absolutely sexy, but has a chance to actually go mainstream at the same time, while also bringing more recognition to our style of wrestling.
You’re doing some great original things with the Female Wrestling Channel.  Can you tell our readers how FWC differs from other women’s wrestling groups? 
Anyone that follows us closely knows we are different in just about every way possible.From our rules, to the moves we use, to the way we monetize our girls, to the way we monetize our matches, to the way the story goes, to the way our girls actually video chat with fans face to face, to the way we are about to add mobile PPV, to the way we have the first ever competitive female wrestling belt in storyline fashion in history, I could go on Kevin.

I strongly encourage your viewership to give us a strong look if they are interested in this type of thing or want to learn more about becoming a fan of what we do.
The goal is to never get stale and to continue learning and innovating.   We are truly a fan’s company.  Fans like you can influence our storyline, unlike TV, and you can interact with the girls and even talk to them face to face.  What show on TV or the internet provides that wrestling or otherwise?
The women on the Female Wrestling Channel are incredible.  Anyone going to your site is bound to have a favorite. Not to pick favorites yourself, but who do you think is the biggest success story of FWC?
No question, my real life (and very beautiful) girlfriend Monroe Jamison.  And, I don’t say that because she is going to read this.  I’ve been very tough on her and watched her grow as a person these last few years.
When I started the FWC, there is a lot off the record stuff fans will never know, but Monroe Jamison and Savannah Scissors answered the call for me.  Monroe wasn’t going to do it, but when Savannah said yes, I think the competitor inside her (and the fact that we just started dating) compelled her to say “yes” and give this wrestling thing a go.
Monroe lost her first two matches on Episode 1 and 2 to the smaller Savannah.  In real life, Monroe was a mess over it, and was about to give it up already.  But, I convinced her to do another match, and she ended up defeating Savannah in the 1 fall competitive bout on Episode 3.   It really boosted her confidence and the rest is history as they say.
Many ladies have come and gone, but anytime I have been in a jam, she has been the main one there to rescue me and without her this promotion would not be anywhere close to where it is today.  All current and future girls truly owe her a debt of gratitude in ways they may never understand.
Fans won’t know of all the bumps she has encountered along the road, as I haven’t made it easy on her, nor has certain other people, but she has came through with flying colors. I would have laughed at anyone 3 years ago who would have told me that Monroe would be wrestling for me AND be my top girl on the roster.  Just incredible looking back on it all.
If not Monroe, my consolation prize would have to go to Foxy Rain.  She is a real gamer, brings a lot of energy and personality, has a winning record, and she beat Monroe when it counted in Episode 36 which was Foxy’s final match.  Foxy is on pregnancy leave at the moment, however, we do expect Foxy to return this year, so that’s going to be a battle to watch.  (Monroe vs Foxy)
As for the current crop, I think Ashley Wildcat and Scarlett Squeeze are about two of the most beautiful girls in the business if not the planet.  They both have the grit, and determination, but the big thing is I want to see them get into that top level with Monroe and both of them have a lot of work to do.   I think if they can find their groove out there, and find out what their signature moves are, they might move up the ladder fast.
Scarlett on Facebook – Boss is our newest girl on the roster at the time of this writing, and the youngest, and with her high school wrestling experience, and body type, I really think she might be the big dark horse on this roster when she gets the moves down.  You read it here first.

Wrestling is never controversy free.  Part of the appeal for FWC is the unscripted nature.  What has been the biggest curve ball thrown at the FWC and how did you and/or the women continue on? 
I might as well travel down to Mesa for Spring Training and get in the cage with the guys.  We don’t see a lot of straight fastballs here at the FWC.
Kevin, my mind spins because there has been so many in a short time.   I will give you a small example of many.
Episode 4 – 2 hours after we shot, Savannah moved to Colorado for good.  We learned 3 days before that she was moving.
Episode 7 – Was supposed to be Bella Mamacita vs new girl London Rain, but Bella told us she was pregnant weeks after her first match on Episode 6.
Episode 8 – 10 – Had 5 new girls who were supposed to debut, none came through when the matches were scheduled.
Those were the first 10 episodes. We had one episode where a girl was drunk the whole time, we had many episodes where new girls were supposed to debut, but did not show up, and we have had to do a whole lot of juggling and that’s part of what makes it interesting for fans is I lay the real life challenges out there.  For ladies our fans do know, here are some interesting matches that were slated (paid for) to happen that never happened.
Haley Davidson vs London Rain
Charlee Angel vs Electra Jamison (original Episode 24)
Kalista Daring vs Foxy Rain (Kalista quit 2 hours before)
Electra Jamison vs Foxy Rain (twice)
Ashley Wildcat vs Buffy Ellington
Monroe Jamison vs Carmella Ringo
Ivy Hiss vs Scarlett Squeeze
Wrestling fans around the world are now subscribing to another wrestling program, and getting used to the idea. Why do you think FWC provides a better entertainment for the wrestling fans’ dollar? 
It’s easy.  Because I’m an actual fan and my customer service is unmatched.  As we grow, I have to outsource some things, but I don’t want to outsource me.  I get things done, I know I get things done, and my fans know I get things done.   People can say I’m mean, or too wordy, or that I think my crap doesn’t stink, or whatever, but the people who deal with me on a semi annual basis know what they are getting and if I ask them to come to the table for me they will.
Aside from the customer service, I realize people obviously come for the steak.   We have sizzle and steak.  Our ladies our not only beautiful and talented, but they do their best to communicate with fans as well.
As for our competitors I encourage fans to support them if they can.  If you want to compare us, please do.  I think you will find that we are serious, keep innovating constantly, and we are always moving the needle.  The faster fans get involved and pump more money in the project, the faster we move.
Can you explain the sponsorship program for the women and how our readers can support their favorite woman? 
We are one, if not the only, female wrestling company currently out there that gives (and encourages) our ladies to get out there and build a long term following for themselves that we indirectly try to help them with.
Ladies always like to think they are worth “this or that”, but we figure that we can find out who is the most popular, and who fans really support, by having a sponsor point system.  It rewards our ladies financially for getting out there and promoting what they do and also gives them short and long term revenue in the form of a percentage they make from every single purchase someone makes through their sponsor links.
Johnny, what’s next for FWC and how can our readers be a part of it? 
That’s just it Kevin.  We have no idea what’s next.  For Episode 40 for example, we found out that Cheyenne Jewel was in Indiana on aTuesday, and then next thing we know Monroe and I are driving down to Indianapolis extremely early on a Thursday morning.
Every single time I try to plan ahead, things change quickly, so I just kind take things in as they come.  The next biggest thing for me is getting our 8 woman roster filled and complete.  When that happens, we begin our tournament to crown the first ever “competitive” female wrestling champion in storyline history.
Essentially, all we are at the FWC is a great big bunch of nerds who very much love our craft.  So, if you are nerdy, love this stuff, and love supporting people like us who are actually trying to get something done in the female wrestling world, we want your support, and you will be happy you did so.
Check us out here:

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