My Super Power. The League.

Oh hey, long time no talk.  We’ll get to that in the next post but for now OH MY GOD THE LEAGUE!

For those of you who may not know, the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is a group of bloggers, dishonorably discharged from the internet and on the run.  If you’re in the LA area and need help, maybe you can contact… The League. Anyways, the League was on hiatus and I was in the front getting it on and banging the gong the hardest for its return.  Then it returned and, I was not allowed to write.  Just didn’t happen.  But I’m here  this week (and plan on catching up with the rest) so lets see what League headquarters, has for this week’s assignment:




What is your super power?

Well, damn, there is only one thing that has dominated my life and shown me just how strong I can be lately.  Lack of sleep. My super power is being able to work a full day, come home and be a super dad and super husband, then do it all over again on minimal sleep. For the first month of work at my new job I didn’t sleep more than 5 hours a night.

The schedule was like this:  Sleep maybe midnight til 5AM.  5AM, get up and shower then walk to the bus station.  Catch the 6AM bus, get to work in 10 minutes.  But have to wait until 7AM to start the day (I did read the Hunger Games trilogy during these hours.  More on that in a future post.).  Then work is a 10 hour day.  7-530PM.  Wait for the night bus, home between 615 and 630PM.  Now if I wanted 8 hours of sleep I could get it and only spend 2 and a half hours with my wife and newborn.  That’s not nearly enough.  Separate dinner or getting groceries or just wanting to sit down and watch a show together and we’re already over that time.

So I stay up and lose sleep. But I did it, dammit.  There is no greater source of inner strength than being a parent (okay, that I have discovered so far in life).  I did it day in and day out.  It is up to me to support my family and no one else.  I go down, they all go down.  I felt like Captain America.  It doesn’t matter if I’m tired, the rest of the Avengers are looking to me as the example.  I don’t need to just look strong for myself, but for all of us.  I figured out how to stay awake at work.  Lots of caffeine and frequent breaks from staring at a computer screen.  Plus its always great to know you’re doing a new and complicated job correctly.

In addition to the great power and great responsibility I discovered, there is also a great respect for time.  We have stopped watching multiple TV shows because they are just not worth our limited time.  Wrestling needs to be good to keep watching.  Comics have been narrowed down, and many sold.  Books are taking an even bigger hit.  I’ll never read so many of these and I’m sick of looking at them.  If I’m going to lose sleep, it needs to be worth it.  And nothing is worth it more than my super wife and super child.

So what did the rest of the League come up with?

G. I. Jigsaw hides toys. 

Traveling Pics has ninja super powers.

AEIOU and Sometimes Why has Ree-Yees for his Star Wars sight.

Cool and Collected steals my eyes with his Tunnel Vision. 



  1. This is the best super power I’ve read on the League so far. Having this physical and mental strength is a real super power for sure. As an example, I can’t survive or do anything useful if I sleep less than 7:40 hours, despite I’m single and have no kids.
    My congratulations, Kevin, if we all were like you this world wouldn’t need fictional superheroes because they were real 😀

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