April 2014 Update. I Will Not Give Up.

Hey, long time no read.  I just posted a League topic as a warm up but who knows when the next time I’ll be able to write will be.  So lets catch you all up to date.

In August we had a baby.  In September the place I had worked at for 4 years officially gave me a raise and made me full time.  This allowed us to (barely) afford to have me work and my wife stay at home with the baby.  In March I caught work lying to my face and thankfully was offered a much better job in the same week.  I started working that job, but the hours are long and I am ridiculously tired every day.  In April we finally got our first car.  I am 36 years old and this is the first time I feel like an adult.  I have a wife, a child, a place to live, a car, and we pay all of our own bills.  This is everything I thought adults were when I was a child.  And it only took me 20 years to get here.

Now all of that stuff is amazing but it really doesn’t allow me to get any writing in.  When I cant write it needs to come out somehow, and unfortunately it comes out as depression.  I feel very upset when I cant write and I get moody without the outlet.  Just the little bit I’ve been able to do tonight has me recharged.

However, this site was going place.  Review copies came in the mail daily.  I corresponded with all sorts of cool people constantly.  It was great.  But there is just currently no time for it.  Its upsetting.  I worked so hard for years for something that right now doesn’t matter.  It takes great planning and sacrifice to even find time to sign into my email.  Much more so to get writing time.  Its been almost two months since the last time I posted.

I’ll admit.  I almost gave up.

I very much debated on not writing anymore.  Packing it all up.  Letting the site sit here forgotten.

But I refuse to let all my hard work be just another victim.

Poe Ghostal, Cold Slither, Lair of the Dork Horde.  All gone.  Life getting in the way of other great blogs like Dinosaur Dracula and Shezcrafti.  There are so much more.  Sites that were once in my daily RSS Feed that are now no longer.  Or haven’t been updated in so long I wonder if its unofficially done.

As a loyal reader it hurts and I miss them.  But it also gives me motivation.  I don’t want to go away.  I’m hoping things will settle so I can write.  I say this as I type with one hand while holding the baby with the other.

I wont fall.  Thank you all for still reading.

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