Air Force One Day at Work.

Long time readers and Facebook friends (Hey, add Kevin Hellions and like Team Hellions) are aware, but for those of you who aren’t, I changed jobs slightly over two months ago.

No more retail.  No longer will I have to deal with Black Friday, cleaning toilets, listening to morons (“what do you mean I cant get this for the sale price from two weeks ago?”), and so on.  Most people have worked retail.  It sucks. I have a family to support and when opportunity knocked I quit and never looked back.  I looked to the heavens.  To the skies.  To the… holy crap what is that?!


Air Force One has arrived.

I work at a place that works on planes.  Which means it has a very long runway, which happened to be convenient for the President of the United States.  I’m not sure what I can say.  I’ll say that I have no security and don’t work on anything confidential, but there are people in the same geographic area who do.  High enough up that the most recognizable plane on Earth came through today.

I took my lunch break outside hoping to see something, but the plane didn’t come through for two more hours.  However, seeing Secret Service and all of the press, and just the excitement of the day was enough.  Thankfully I was able to see Air Force One myself.  However, POTUS and I did not cross paths.  Maybe one day we can get together to talk Spider-Man.  Two more years.  Me and a retired Barack hanging out at Comic Con!

So what was your most exciting day at work?

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