Bill Watterson of Calvin and Hobbes Just Returned to the Comic Page (And None of Us Knew).

If you’re not reading the Pearls Before Swine comic strip, you’re a fool.  Pearls is one of the most brilliant, original, and ground breaking comic not only today but in all of comic strip history.

Newspapers are dying, the comic page gets smaller and if the artists are lucky maybe a couple of people see their work on Sunday.

But loyal people, like myself, read every day.  From Peanuts to Phantom to Pearls, there is so much fun on these pages each and every day.  Unfortunately, they are ignored.  Unless something crazy happens.  For Better or For Worse kills a dog.  Peanuts ends. OR…

The creator of Calvin and Hobbes covertly returns to the comic strip page and no one knows!

Bill Watterson has drawn three Pearls Before Swine strips this week.  The whole story can be found here:

Strips below:






I’m going to go geek out for the rest of the weekend.


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