Real Life FROZEN.

So this girl, Anna Faith, thinks she looks like Elsa from Frozen.  Or the internet thinks she does.  Anyways, she’s a model and being attached to anything Frozen these days is not a bad thing.

Which is why I’m posting this article.

So, do any of you think she looks like Elsa?

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anna_faith_24 anna_faith_23 anna_faith_22 anna_faith_21 anna_faith_20 anna_faith_19 anna_faith_18 anna_faith_17 anna_faith_16 anna_faith_15 anna_faith_14 anna_faith_13 anna_faith_12 anna_faith_11 anna_faith_10 anna_faith_09 anna_faith_08 anna_faith_07 anna_faith_06 anna_faith_05 anna_faith_04 anna_faith_03 anna_faith_02 anna_faith_01


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