The 2014 HIFA Alternate World Cup Begins!



Hellions um….. IFA begins!

The World Cup starts today!  I know, you’re all excited.  To be fair there are two types of people excited for the World Cup:  The entire world, and Americans.

Side note, if you want to really enjoy it, watch it with a group of people from any other country.  I had the chance to do so many years ago with a family visiting from Ireland.  I may have not understood everything due to thick thick accents, but I had a blast.


If you really want to have fun though there is nothing as exciting as super hero battles.  Why not make them battle for the GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL while they’re at it.

Presenting 16 teams from the Marvel Universe and 16 teams from DC Comics.

I got really silly with this.  Cities, countries, planets and more.  Comics are boundless and exciting.  Hopefully all of this is just as much fun.

Pick one in each group and vote.  Argue your choices.  How far will the Bottle City of Kandor go, and before you answer what if the game is played under a red sun?  There is so much to debate!  Hopefully a lot of fun is had by all.




  1. Thank you Classick. You are correct sir, that is what I had meant to do. Threw a DC in there for clarification.

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