Well… I Need Help.



Hey friends.  Its been awhile.  I know its not right or classy to do this (or at least some may perceive it as such), but I don’t care.  I need help.

I got laid off.

So now I’m the only income for a family of three and… now there’s no income.

It just happened today, Tuesday, but that doesn’t make it easy.  The unknown is a frightening thing.  This could last a day, a week, a month or more.  In the mean time we need to pay rent, pay bills, eat, have insurance, take care of our baby.  All sorts of stuff.

Now I know what you’re thinking.  Where is the link for the fund raising?

Nope, not how I operate.  I’m not asking for something for nothing.  So consider this an application.  An application for writing.  On your site, in your magazine, for your business.  Whatever it may be.  There are over 4000 posts on this site, plus I’ve written on many other pages as well.  Combined, there are millions of views all thanks to me.  Now isn’t this something you would like?

And hey, if you don’t have any work for me but you’re just sympathetic I do have a PayPal.

Thank you all for reading and giving me the time to rant.

One comment

  1. Been there, but I can’t even imagine having it happen and having kids. As an unemployed part-time student all I can offer is my best wishes.

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