Parallel Man #1 Advanced Review.

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From Future Dude Entertainment, Jeffrey Morris, Frederick Haugen, Christopher Jones, and so many more.

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What a comic to read the same week Multiversity #1 comes out.  Here’s the quick and dirty of Parallel Man #1.  On an alternate Earth the Manhattan project didn’t happen.  Instead that Earth discovered a means to access other Earths.  This discovery led to weapons and in the end their planet was no longer inhabitable.  The greatest weapon ever dreamed of has a way of making that happen.  In order to survive the remaining people of this other Earth used the weapon to travel to other Earths and annex them.  Taking technology and resources along the way of course.  Like all good conquerors do.  These world jumpers are called the Ascendancy and after 12 universes have fallen the Earth we find most familiar is about to be unlucky 13.

So, parallel worlds and other versions of ourselves and those familiar to us.  On the same day Grant Morrison drops his opus dick for us all to decipher.  Here’s where I give the Parallel Man the edge.

Its completely original.

Sure there are some familiar beats with our hero, Agent Nick Morgan.  Save an innocent man, fate of the world, all of that stuff.  And there was a bit too much exposition.  It made sense and is absolutely needed for the first issue of such a huge concept but it was somewhat heavy handed in places.

However its that huge concept that made it all worthwhile.  You cant have a brilliant writer without an artist who can pick up those ideas and run with it.  Parallel Man has a perfect team.   There is a physics and rules for this world and the results of these can be seen in every page.  It really creates a world to immerse in, or worlds as the case may be.  Its all in the spheres.  Apparently the Earth jumping takes place around the object jumping and creates an orb around that thing which moves to another place.  Simple sci-fi idea really.  But look in the backgrounds.  Whole parts of earth and buildings and more that are missing.  All of which have a curve, an arc.  Time displacement as a militarized weapon.  Man, that alone is worth reading every single issue of this comic no matter the cost.

But then there is the other world building.  Slight shifts in our own history lead to different people being in control.  Then there are the massive shifts.  Evolutionary changes which may as well make our own familiar Earth something closer to Mars or Venus or worlds yet to be discovered.  Fungi and dinosaurs and more all in the first issue.  All of it just absolutely brilliantly drawn too.  Its one thing to look at a picture of Air Force One and draw it but another to create the concept of a travelling refinery and then put it on page with the same amount of detail as real world planes.  I’m just envious of this talent.

All of this and you know, a hero bending rules and space to save us all.

Parallel Man and I will be crossing perpendicular paths every issue.


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