Twisted Updates of Childhood Favorites.

From the mind of Sylvain Sarrailh come these incredible pieces of messed up art.  I say messed up but I love every one of these.  The American Psycho Ronald McDonald.  The Mortal Kombat Frozen.  Most of all the Attack on Titan Green Giant.  But really its the Teletubbies one that makes this entire collection brilliant.

To see more of his art check out this DeviantArt page.



TwistedCartoons28 TwistedCartoons27 TwistedCartoons26 TwistedCartoons25 TwistedCartoons24 TwistedCartoons23 TwistedCartoons22 TwistedCartoons21 TwistedCartoons20 TwistedCartoons19 TwistedCartoons18 TwistedCartoons17 TwistedCartoons16 TwistedCartoons15 TwistedCartoons14 TwistedCartoons13 TwistedCartoons12 TwistedCartoons11 TwistedCartoons10 TwistedCartoons09 TwistedCartoons08 TwistedCartoons07 TwistedCartoons06 TwistedCartoons05 TwistedCartoons04 TwistedCartoons03 TwistedCartoons02 TwistedCartoons01

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