Well… Its Friday 8/22/14.

Huh?  What’s happening?  Oh time to dust off this feature and post something new?  Alright, let me put some pants on.

(Kidding, I’m totally not wearing pants right now.)

I wrote a few of these to keep fans updated on the crazy things in my life.  Those things that don’t really fit into other posts during the week.  But then it fell by the wayside.  Recently on an episode of the UnderScoopFire podcast host Corey Chapman mentioned how much he loves Fridays because of two guaranteed blog posts.  Will’s West Week Ever and USF’s own Can We Talk?  I felt jealous.  I want that kind of anticipation for my own site.  So after some contemplation I decided to try to write a Well column for every Friday.

Lets see how well I do.

By the way if you want to read those other columns head over to the links below:



Thrift Hunters - Spike

Well… I’ve started to haggle.

When people ask “what do you want to do with your life?” I have two answers.  Actually three.  The first being I’m 36 why in the hell have I not figured this out yet?  The second and third though are to be paid to either write or run my own book and pop culture shop.  As you know because you’re reading this, I write constantly.  So that part is on the cusp of being a great income generator.  The other is actually building up nicely during this trying time in our lives.  EBay pictures are being taken, posts are uploading, and most items have sold very fast on Craigslist.  However as things go out I need to bring more in.  Much to the frustration of my wife.  Also frustrating her is my new love of related TV shows.  Storage Wars, Thrift Hunters and my current Netflix binge, Salvage Hunters.  I’m a small fish but I try to take the lessons of these shows and apply them to my own buying.  Three dollars each?  How about both for five?  Really what does a dollar matter?  But I felt like I accomplished something.


Well… Monster is a joke.

I have my resume out there on all the sites.  No stone unturned in this job search.  But I have never received more spam and bullshit calls then I did after posting my resume on Monster.  “We’re interested in you!  You can make so much money with our company.  And for just one training class and a $35 fee we’ll tell you how.”  No thank you.  I don’t pay you, you pay me.  That’s how capitalism works dammit!

Well… Here’s what I’ve absorbed.

Its this week in pop culture!  We have internet, Netflix, Hulu, a library, a bookstore 20 minutes away, plus our own massive collections.  There’s always something to enjoy.  This week’s enjoyment (and thus things that can be talked about in the comments) included:

Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist

Away We Go


Pretty Little Liars season 4

Salvage Hunters

SummerSlam and the next night’s Raw

Parallel Man #1.


Go ahead and start a conversation below.  Ask questions for the next Well.  And if anyone wants to make me a logo I’d be thrilled.



  1. Hey Kevin, it’s great to have something new to read on Fridays! As far as a logo, what did you have in mind. Been playing around in PowerPoint of all places and found it’s pretty good for assembling graphics and such, so maybe I can help. I’ll send you a quick mockup later today.

    Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist (later condensed in advertisements to the annoying “Nick & Norah”) was a greatly underrated flick. Aside from announcing the arrival of Kat’s Dennings (apostrophe intentional), it further established the comedic timing and budding career of Michael Cera. I haven’t seen it in so long, but if it’s on Netflix now, well count me in!

    Summerslam was great, especially the whole Lesnar beating the brakes off of Cena a la Lang-Balboa I. The whole time I was watching that debacle take place, I kept picturing Cena driving around Boston at night in his Maserati to a CFO$ remixed version of “No Easy Way” while a montage of SUPLEX. REPEAT!! weaves in and out of the video. And who would’ve thought that a lumberjack match would steal the show, but Ambrose-Rollins have some great ring chemistry together.

    I’ve been watching a lot of Saturday Night’s Main Event on the WWE Network (paid the 9.99, so “minus whale”), but many friends of mine don’t have the network. Are you signed up and if so, what shows are you watching? If you’re not, then do you watch any old shows online (YouTube, Dailymotion, etc?) I’m gonna go watch some BotchaMania now.

  2. Damn sir, that’s one hell of a response.
    Fans, stay tuned for the post that will reveal the logo. Big thanks to Classick.
    Nick and Norah was shockingly good. Kat isn’t great on Two Broke Girls and really just “cute” on anything else. But in this movie she at least looks like she has potential to be something great. Maybe she just hasn’t found the right writer yet.
    I’m not going to re-subscribe for WWE until work gets sorted out. I did watch 3 PPVs live plus numerous other things on the site, so it was totally worth the money. If I had some wrestling friends near by I cant think of a better Sunday night gathering.
    Never did I think I would see John Cena destroyed. Undertaker was shocking enough but Cena? He needs to get equally destroyed at Night of Champions, if not worse. Also I’m agreeing with Hunter. From now until WrestleMania 31 needs to be spent building up Roman Reigns as WWE’s only hope to stop Brock Lesnar.

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