The League: Cryptozoology.

I think the only long thought dead or never existed thing is me writing weekly in the League.  But, jokes aside, lets get back into this habit.

So, every week Brian at Cool and Collected gives out an assignment.  Bloggers from around the world respond and we all get to read and discover some fun stuff.  Many of us have become friends as well.  This week’s assignment is:



Hoo boy.

I’m still working on what I think and believe about the unknown.  I was raised Catholic so there’s that belief in angels and an afterlife and thus ghosts blah blah.  I was also the kid who would watch In Search Of repeats and then run down to the local library to take out “Mysteries of the Unexplained” and similar books.  There is part of me that believes in every one of these things.  Ghosts, UFOs, Bigfoot, Mothman.  All of it.

Then there is the part of me that wasted a lot of time watching ghosts shows.

I used to watch all of them.  Ghost Hunters.  Ghost College.  Ghost and Mrs Muir.  All of it.  I would get wrapped up in it and jump where the edits and the music told me.  Then I would hear some sound distortion and take that as absolute certainty that the paranormal was real.

However, my wife and I had this conversation:

Elise: “Honey, how long have you been watching these shows?”

Most of my life.  They’ve waned in popularity but at least 20 years I’m sure.  Probably hundreds if not thousands of hours.

“In all that time, have they ever found something?  Something that is so irrefutable that we all know ghosts exist?”

You know what, they haven’t.

The fact is there are now dozens of TV shows about the paranormal.  There are hundreds that have come before and I’m sure there will be hundreds in the future.  Not one, not one of them has rewritten the science books.  Discovery channel gets one giant squid on one camera and every biologist on Earth needs to alter their way of thinking.

Over one video.  One.

Yet there are thousands of hours of video of people chasing shadows and knocks around dark buildings and acquiring “evidence” yet there are crickets from the scientific communities.  G-g-g-ghost crickets!

Like Mulder, I want to believe.  I just need a lot more evidence at this point in my life.

All this being said, I do have an odd theory about the paranormal but I would love to turn it into a story first.


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