Fear of Flying Review.

From Brian Canini and Drunken Cat Comics.


I made a new friend today, and his name is Brian Canini.

Here’s what happened.  A little while back I reviewed some comics from Drunken Cat.  They were enjoyable and I wrote a positive review and then Brian sent me some other comics.  However, life got in the way and its taken me a little while to review them.  Fear of Flying was sent to me July 19th.

Since then I got laid off from the big money making job and have yet to find something else that earns enough money so I don’t feel stressed out.  In the mean time I’ve been immersing myself into the freelance writing world and taking the time to catch up on some review copies.  Enter Fear of Flying.

Like any good friend, Brian entered my life exactly when I needed him most.  Fear of Flying is an epic original graphic novel.  Every day for one year Brian drew one page detailing the events of the day.  Sometimes silly, sometimes upsetting, but every day it is an honest representation of what was the biggest part of the day.  As days become weeks and weeks become months a larger picture emerges.

Brian is going through a major life change as well.

We held hands through this year.  Brian, holding the paper while he puts down ink and me holding that paper to see the drawings many months later.  Reaching out through time and space I saw the journey he has taken over a year.  I read it over the span of a couple days instead of experiencing them over 365.  This has made my current life seem less like a barrier and more like a wall with a door I need to find.

Brian has a long distance relationship, he searches for work, he is an artist and thus feels that horrible doubt we all do.  But it is all temporary.

I needed that lesson.

Feeling sick after eating all the Cheez Whiz wont last forever.  That problem at work wont last forever.  Feeling lonely and broke wont last forever either.

What does last forever is the stories and lessons of experiences.  After reading Fear of Flying I feel like Brian and I sat down at a bar and caught up on the last year of our lives.  It has been rough at times and fun at others.  Through it all there has been growth.  Brian is a better man for all of this and I will be as well.

Its nigh impossible to see the clearing ahead while going through shit.  After reading about Brian’s year I can see how A led to O…hi…o but also see how b, c, d and so on were necessary along the way.

Fear of Flying needs to be put next to Blankets on the graphic novel shelf.  Its a beautiful open examination of what we all feel and a much needed positive note at the end to help other believers carry on.

You can order Fear of Flying at the link below.


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