Well… for August 29, 2014.

Well… I almost thought I wouldn’t get a chance to write today.

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Well… I have a new job, but I’ll be back in the same problem soon.

I’m going to be the manager of a Halloween City store.  Yay for pay and the money to support my family.  But boo because this means halfway through November I’ll be searching for a job again.  There is so much to do and so far its only me working on everything.  This is going to be rough, but hey only two months of stress.  Then all new yet familiar stress!

Well… they ruined Amy Pond.

Hulu has a preview up of the new show Selfie.  It is brutal.  Just brutal.  Oh sure Karen Gillian appears in her underwear for a scene.  Other than that the jokes fall flat and worse, Karen and John Cho have no chemistry.  Fingers crossed its just a bad pilot and the show will get better.  But I’m not optimistic.

Well… is there any reason to Hulu to edit Raw down to an hour and a half.  I almost always miss a match or a segment I wanted to watch.  This week it was AJ and Paige.  Yet again.  Storage or time shouldn’t be an issue.  I’m already sitting through Smackdown, NXT, and Main Event.  What’s one more hour?

Well… now what am I going to wear?  We were debating on going to a horror convention as a family next month.  However, a month out of work and the con being only two weeks away makes that seem a bit rough.  Maybe after all this crap the lesson is to save some money and thus build up a nest egg for the next time it happens.  Then we can take this time and money and concentrate on the actual day of Halloween.  I’m thinking maybe I can open the store and have the night free to dress up as a family and take some adorable pictures.

Well… I think that will be all for this week.  I’m debating on putting in 10-11 hours tomorrow to get a lot done.  Stupid real world jobs.  Writing is work but at least its work on my own terms.

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