Well… for 1/1/15.


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Oh what a long time it has been.

Awhile ago I decided to stop announcing comebacks or great new beginnings when it happened numerous times.  I have worked and raised a child and a hundred other things which led to numerous false starts.

All that being said, I am trying to make 2015 a brand new start.  The Year of the Reboot.  Think about it, this site has covered wrestling and comics and all sorts of geek culture.  In 2015 we will all see a new Star Wars, the possible reboot of Marvel and DC comics, and TNA Impact Wrestling is about to relaunch.  Time for me to reboot as well.  Diet, exercise, food, work, writing, down to each and every aspect of my life.  I’ll try to keep up my blogging here as well.

As part of this new me I’m opening up the doors here.  What would you like to read or see here?  What worked and what didn’t?  How can I help promote you and how can you promote me?  I want to get all of this bigger in 2015 and this new slate has nothing but potential and possibility ahead.

Happy New Year!

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