Damsels in Excess #4 Advanced Review.

From Aspen Comics, Vince Hernandez, Mirka Andolfo, Simone Di Meo, Mad5 Factory, Josh Reed.

Damsels_In_Excess-04a-Andolfo Damsels_In_Excess-04b-Wilkinson Damsels_In_Excess-04c-Torque

Five princess.  Five lands to rule.  A battle that will consume all of them.  Damn there is a lot going on in this book.

From the inexhaustible mind of Vince Hernandez comes this tale of legendary proportions.  If there is anything Aspen Comics has continued to do right year after year and book after book its putting the women front and center.  Strong women who put brains and strength first but don’t worry they have that beauty part too.  These five highnesses are no exception.

Unfortunately its issue four.  The lines are drawn, the journeys are in progress and act three is about to take place.  One of the problems with single issues today is that they are chapters of a larger story.  None of us would order chapter 12 of a book and ignore the rest.  Same problem with comics.  The five issues of Damsels in Excess as one read are great.  If anything Aspen Comics needs to step up their graphic novel department.

Negative aside (and really not much of a negative) I loved the hell out of this book.  If anything I want all five women to have their own titles.  Oh!  Aspen’s first weekly series.  One princess a week and they all come together in the grand end of the year finale.

Admitedly my opinion changes with every issue but right now my favorite is Kaleena.  Her armor alone symbolizes the entire character.  To the world she appears in control and the representation of strength.  However the truth is actually right up front.  The hole in her armor exposes the literal weak under belly.  She has doubt but perseveres anyways because that is what everyone expects of her.  Something a character like Anuhi could take advantage of.  And damn what a look for her.  I’m pleased when I come up with one new idea.  I don’t know how there are fully realized leading characters in the background for two pages.  But that’s the appeal of Aspen Comics.

Devoness and her mother are also strong contenders.  Their appearance and story is more than enough to carry their own title.  Magic and matriarchy can team up for timeless tales.  Without a doubt part of the appeal is the incredible art style that was chosen for this book.  If Damsels in Excess was animated it would be marketed for having a “bold new direction in animation”.  Its a bold direction for comics too.

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