Apologies to Other Sites. (That I Wrote For.)

Its 2015 and the end of the first week.  I am working and trying very hard to have this be the Year of the Reboot and a new improved me.  Writing daily, applying everywhere, eating better, working harder.  The site has gained hits, my social media is growing and overall this looks to be a break out year.

All that said, I have to make amends for what I have done in the past.  Or haven’t done.  I have randomly dropped off from writing for various sites with nary a notice.  Not that it was ever intentional.  Things happened and I always thought “I’ll be able to do it tomorrow”.  Then tomorrow became a week and a month and in some cases a year.  Now its just embarrassing.

So with a new me breaking through I am writing an open apology.  Lets leave the past aside.  Did you like my writing in the past?  You’re sure to enjoy it again.  Lets make amends and have me write on your site again.  I will get my name out there more and build up my writing resume.  You get a good article and hopefully many hits.

If you want to take me up on this, email at teamhellions@gmail.com

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