Presenting BWA: Blog Writers Alliance. First Up, the Royal Rumble!

If I could use Photoshop or any similar program with skill, right here is where I would put a BWA logo that’s a take off of the NWA logo.  Which is where the Alliance part of this came from.


Alliance part of what you might ask?

There were two things that used to exist and are now gone.  Two things I loved to be a part of were the eague of Extraordinary Bloggers and Solace Winter’s PPV challenge.  Site runners get busy, I get busy, all sorts of things happen.  Then a funny thing happened.  There was a discussion with other bloggers about doing a Royal Rumble prediction post.  Many people wanted in.  An idea sparked and this seemed the perfect time to launch.

We will start with the WWE Royal Rumble.

To enter, write a blog post in which you predict who will win each match at the Royal Rumble.  The Rumble is January 25th, so I’ll suggest waiting until the Raw before that before locking in your picks.  It will probably also take that long for all of the matches to be announced.  Then, write up who you think will win and link to this blog.  Whoever gets the most right wins.

Wins what?

We’re still figuring that one out.


You must pick a winner.  I will allow No Contest as a pick.  I will have the official match listing when it becomes official (again probably around the end of the January 19th Raw).  Most likely there will also be some time breaker questions as well.  Just in case we have a tie.

Most of all, you must have a blog.  Don’t just leave your picks as a comment.  Write up a blog post, link back here, and hopefully we all grow in readership as a result.  If you don’t have a blog but want to participate, well, blogs are free.  Make one up.  Maybe you’ll get really into it and continue.

Stay tuned to this site as the Rumble gets closer and more picks and details are revealed.  If this first month is a success I will plan on continuing the BWA.

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