Edgy VS. Wrong – Advertisements.

Its tough being a pop culture blogger.  Many people can go to a thrift store or yard sale and leave items be.  Not so for the blogger.  Old books, old toys, old VHS and old magazines could all lead to articles.  Whether it be awakening nostalgia or discovering the previously unknown there are treasures to be found in the hunt.  One recent hunt had me flipping through old magazines (and by old I mean 5-10 years ago)  just to see if any articles could be inspired between the pages.  Oh… Oh my were they.

Now I’m going to show you the first advertisement I found, and then explain what has happened since.  This is the original ad:


Now I understand the overall point.  And it could be that this is a completely harmless ad that I’m reading WAY too much into.  However, there is the other way to look at this.  There is a white police officer who has just caught a black (silhouetted) man stealing.  Officer Trident never would have seen the man, because he is so dark, if not for the gleaming white teeth.  Oh sure, he could be wearing all black clothing.  It could just be that damn dark inside this jewelry store (although somehow still enough light to reflect off of the necklace and the store’s name).  Or this could be horribly racist and only funny to people who still love a good Al Jolson routine.

If there was only one ad, I may have let this pass.  I would accept that I’m looking for things that aren’t there.  But wait there’s more!


Our dressed in black friend (if we’re being generous) has been caught peeping on a white woman.  This must be a foolish criminal.  For one, he doesn’t realize that he can be seen in the mirror.  Second, how is he seeing anything?  His eyes must reflect light as well as his teeth.  Without seeing any light in his eyes he must either have them closed or be wearing sunglasses.  How would he get sunglasses over a ski mask?  (Which I assume is what he’s wearing to cover his face.)  A ski mask which must have holes for eyes and mouth.  This is all seeming pretty elaborate.  There must be a simpler explanation.  Something simple like… he’s black and Trident White has created a horrible ad!

I know I know.  I’m going too far.  To say that Trident White thinks black men are criminals would mean they also think pretty white people could do no wrong and get away with anything…



Alright, its not like advertisers are known for going too far.  Sure they like being risque.  Of course sex sells.  But at least we all know where the line is.  Its not like any agency would cross the line of decency just to get a little attention because even negative attention is still attention.  Right?  Right?!


What the fuck?!  Are you kidding me?!  This is just way too far.  Also if I thought wearing Puma in high school would guarantee me a bathroom stall meeting with the Knob Goblin you’re damn right I would be covered head to toe in it.  Me and Puma would be like Run-DMC and Adidas.  Place Upon Mouth Always.

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