UFO False Flag Attack.



I recently heard an interesting theory and I would like to see what some of my readers think of it.

The next big world war will be against an enemy from space — whether there are aliens or not.

Okay, I’m not going to deny that this is a weird one but follow me here.

Lets be completely jaded about war.  Someone always comes out wealthier because of it.  Many wars are really advanced weapon conventions.  Hey look at the cool new shit we got that goes boom!  Then said cool new shit is bought and sold and used all over the world until the newer deadlier weapon is created to destroy last year’s model.

The danger in all of this is eventually there are no more credible threats.  World War II to Communism to terrorism.  After the war on terror then what?

Here is where this crazy theory comes in.

The exploration of space is revealing that there are minerals and metals on many of the large spinning bodies in space.  Someone is going to make billions of dollars taking all of that.  But first, to get there.  Technology needs to jump forward.  An entire country, if not an entire world needs to unite to create the transport and materials that will be necessary for this to work.  Much like the entire United States united during WWII to become the war machine.  Much like technology jumped so we could beat them dirty Commies to the moon.  Conflict will be the impetus for this monolith worthy leap in humankind.

Of course we’re still without an enemy.  Another planet needs to attack.  While the evidence is mounting that there is life outside of this planet there is not any proof of life at human level or advanced.

So why not create one?

Picture it.  A large craft over a major city.  Hell, we don’t even need a spaceship.  Just a laser beam and mass destruction.  The world leaders appear on TV to calm their citizens.  “We were attacked from space and we don’t know why.  We need to go to space to fight back.  Everyone starts tomorrow.”  Look at the feeling of patriotism on September 12th.  Man woman and child would line up to work in factories, donate their possessions, or join the military.   All to fight back.

But really, all to make money for someone else.

I know, its a crazy theory.  But it obviously got me thinking for a while.

So what are your thoughts?

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