Ruffians Review.

From Drunken Cat Comics, story and art by Brian Canini.



If you saw a comic book starring a large blue bear who works as a hitman and gets wrapped up in a crazy mystery then didn’t buy it; then I don’t know what’s wrong with you.

From our good friends Brian and Drunken Cat Comics comes Ruffians.  You see, Scar is a bear.  And he’s blue.  And he’s a hitman.  He is also loyal to a fault for his friends.  When his best friend is murdered, Scar pisses off all the wrong people in his quest for answers.

I know it sounds outrageous.  Its crazy to just type up this summary.  But the craziest part is how much I absoultely loved this comic.  There are 9 issues available right now and issue 10 is on the way.  All can be found at

The story is movie worthy.  Fast paced, full of interesting characters and always unpredictable.  How will Scar get out of this one?  Can this new character be trusted?  Can this familiar character be trusted?  Oh and God shows up.

However its the art that really pushes things into greatness.  Scar is drawn like a cartoon and it constantly keeps the reader off balance.  Bad things aren’t supposed to happen to cute cartoon bears.  Death and prison and gunplay shouldn’t happen to cute cuddly bears.  Even ones named Scar.

His appearance counters to every other scene in the book.  The death of his best friend is violent but nothing compared to Scar’s interrogation techniques.  Then there is the most violent fight between a bear and a gorilla that you have ever seen.  Side note:  If you have seen multiple bear vs gorilla fights please send me links.

All seems lost at the end of issue 8.  A bold twist takes place in issue 9.  Where is 10?!  This is a benefit to new readers.  Only 9 issues to read and then we can all hold each other while we anticipate number 10.  While the big comic companies are pushing us away lets take that money and support smaller publishers who just want to tell a good story and appreciate their fans.

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